Firass Dirani Married, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth

Date: 26 Aug, 2019

Firass Dirani Married, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth

Firass Dirani is known as an outsider in the entertainment industry as he had no one to pull him through to the higher recognization. But his hard work and passion drove him to the position he is in right now. 

He started his career with small roles in TV series like Home & Away and Children's Hospital. However, he earned good fame only after starring as Red Mystic Ranger, Nick Russell, on the ABC’s Family series Power Rangers Mystic Force in 2006. 

Firass Dirani, who stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters), has been part of films and television series like The Combination (2009) and Underbelly: The Golden Mile (2010) after his rise with Power Rangers series. 

The 2010’s Cleo Bachelor of the Year has done justice to his career and lives a very comfortable life as he has earned a good net worth for himself.

Although his actual net worth figure is not disclosed, his healthy lifestyle shows that he earns more than an average salary of an actor, which is over $49K per year in the United States.

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As of 2019, Firass Dirani, age 35, is a part of the Australian TV series House Husbands (2012-present) playing the role of Justin Baynie.

Firass Dirani Married To Girlfriend?

When it comes to attracting women’s attention, Firass Dirani is a sure-shot winner as his personality and looks are very stylish and attractive.

Firass has not been timid to make his relationship public, although he has dated a few girlfriends. The dating news initially started to come along for Firass after he and Melanie Vallejo were found to be in a relationship in 2006.

The love birds were together as the cast of ABC Family series, Power Rangers Mystic Force.

However, Firass and Melanie separated due to some “unknown” reason which was sad news for the fans of the pair. Later, Melanie Vallejo got married to her husband, Matthew Kingston, in 2011.

After splitting with Melanie, there was no big news regarding Firass’ relationship for a few years apart from rumors of him dating a beautiful diva. 

Firass shared some close pictures with the lady whose identity was unknown while they were on holiday in Mexico in 2014. But the rumor seemed to be just "bluffy" news as the pair was not seen afterward. 

Firass Dirani, in search of a perfect partner, soon started to show up with fashion designer Camilla Franks, who was his school friend and knew her for 12 years. 

Firass Dirani and Camilla Franks spotted together in the new year eve of 2015 (Photo: Firass Dirani's Instagram)

Though Firass and Camilla seemed to be in a relationship, it looked like the news of them being “the new pair” was just gossip as they only share a close friendship with each other. 

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There might be speculation of Firass being gay as there is no confirmation of him dating any girl recently. But he has shown interest in girls in the past which shows that he is not gay. 

His Bio & Family Details

The charming actor was born on 29th April 1984, in Sydney, Australia. 

The family of Firass Dirani follows the Muslim religion as they originally embrace Lebanese ethnicity. They moved from Lebanon to Australia in 1969 by boat, and they faced a lot of trouble, struggling to communicate due to language barriers. 

Firass’ father who worked as a sheepherder wanted him to join Law School, but he did not agree to his father because he was more interested in taking his career in acting.

Since he went against his parents' willingness to join law school, his parents became distraught and disowned him eventually. 

As of now, Firass Dirani and his family which includes his parents and his brother, Fouad Dirani, are good with each other as Firass succeeds to make his parents believe in the dreams he followed in his life.