Young Lyric Pregnant At Age 17? Boyfriend Whereabouts And Parents

Date: 01 Apr, 2018

Young Lyric Pregnant At Age 17? Boyfriend Whereabouts And Parents

Famous for her stage name Young Lyric, what Lyric Michell Ragston has done in the world of hip-hop and rapping is beyond commendable. The 17-year-old rapper gained an enormous fans base from uploading her original tracks on YouTube and became a hit instantly.

While she is the next prominent identity in the world of the modern rapping, one cannot deny the fact that she was in the news of being pregnant that also included the allegation of abortion.

Bio and Professional Career

Born in the city of Houston, TX on 30 July 2000, Young started cultivating the passion of acting, dancing as well as singing since the days of her childhood. While people at her age loved playing with toys, the artist recorded her first song when she was seven years of age.

Her parents and families have also played an essential part in supporting the career choice of the lady. Her father and uncle are also professional musicians and inheriting a good sense of musicality will further boost the career of the aspiring artist.

Since the actual name of her parents is missing, Lyric posted a birthday wish post for her dad on his big day, who happens to be the owner of the recording studio, Bad Akktor Records.

After scrolling down multiple pictures of Lyric with her family, people will inevitably know the fact that the rapper is just 12 years of an age gap with her mom. While many people still say that her mother seems to be her siblings, well the fact is that Lyric does have a young sister named, Young Queen.

Personal Life: Was she pregnant?

Living a life of a celebrity is not an easy job. People are interested to know more about their personal life while some are just baseless rumors and some of them turn out to be true.

The girl possessing the Afro American ethnicity got some severe allegation from her fellow rapper, Miss Mullato for her being pregnant. Miss Mullato who is in the limelight for winning a Television Rap Show, The Rap Game uploaded a video on her YouTube on 23 January 2017, made several accusations of Lyric having a child.

The open-mouthed lady has even dissed Lyric’s parents via lyrics from her rap, and everything between the two got messier by the days since then. Miss should not have included the parents' name between the heated altercations. Maybe it must be some unethical grudge between the two being in the same career height.

The fans of Lyric also questioned her pregnancy and the inquiry of the abortion. So to clear up all the baseless speculation, the rapper directly responded the people by denying the fact of pregnancy and abortion.

While the twitter sharing was primarily for Miss Mulatto, however, for now, it has undoubtedly been cleared of the baseless rumors from the lady herself. Since she is enjoying her career and giving extra time to it, there is no possible boyfriend of the artist that has circulated in the media, however.