Lori Harvey Bio: Age, Engaged, Boyfriend, Father

Date: 08 Feb, 2019

Lori Harvey Bio: Age, Engaged, Boyfriend, Father

American model Lori Harvey, age 22, is a fresh face of the fashion industry and an influential social media personality. She is also known for being the daughter of comedian and host, Steve Harvey.

However, Lori is more than just Steve Harvey's daughter. She is a former equestrian, whose undying love for horseback riding earned an Olympic medal.

Sadly, her dreams were shattered when she injured her back in 2015. Gone were the days for the lovely equestrian to continue horse-riding.

She was heartbroken, but she wasn't ready to give up.

But, Lori soon found a new passion and love for something very different, modeling. After deciding to pursue her career in modeling, Lori worked hard got signed to LA Models in USA and Select Model Management in Europe.

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Today, she has walked on the ramp at Dolce Gabanna, Paris and Milan Fashion Week and even Met Gala, adding to her net worth. 

Lori Harvey Bio: Age & Father

Born on 13th January 1997, Lori was raised in Memphis, Tennessee by her mother, Marjorie Elaine Harvey.

So that Lori would not have to live the rest of her life without a father figure, her mother married the love of her life, Steve Harvey in 2007. Steve, carrying a gentle personality, raised Lori as his own.

Lori Harvey wishes her father on his birthday with a picture with her parents on 18 January 2018 (Photo: Lori Harvey's Instagram)

Her bio reveals that Lori has two biological brothers, Jason and Morgan. She also has half-siblings, Brandi Harvey, Karli Harvey, Broderick Harvey, and Wynton Harvey from her father’s previous marriage. Lori, age 21, stands at an average height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.61 meters).

For education, she attended Atlanta High School in Georgia.

Pregnant From Her New Romance?

Some way or other, Lori always finds herself followed by the tabloids and media for just being herself.

She especially gets tagged along whenever in a private space with the opposite sex as the gossipmongers and headline makers indicate therm to be their possible suitors.

Well, this time, Lori is possibly-likely in love with the 49-year-old rapper, Sean "Diddy" Combs.

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The pair has been making a great many headlines in the past few months, ever since July of 2019, after being found on a midnight stroll together in the New York City, the latest one being their getaway to Mexico.

Lori Harvey and Sean "Diddy" Combs spotted during their getaway to Mexico in September 2019 (Photo: theshaderoom's Instagram)

Not shy of PDA, arms in arms and laughing together, they totally seem in love, or it might just be the friendly gestures between people who admire one another, and not have anything to do, romantically.

For now, it is best that we wait and watch until they light everyone on the matter.

Meanwhile, the rumors about her being pregnant seemingly do not have any truth to it, for Lori has been continually sharing the steaming pictures of her curvy figure in a bikini, showing off her flat and toned belly.

All in all, only time will do justice to whatever is going on behind the scenes.

Lori Harvey's Dating History

Lori’s love life hasn’t been stable over the years. She was first linked to the Dutch soccer player Memphis Depay around 2016.

The two were seen together a lot. And it wasn't long before the news of them dating surfaced the media.

After their dating status was revealed, Memphis and Lori felt more at ease to flaunt each other in their respective social media. From going on a trip to Paris to brunches together, Lori and Memphis stuck together. 

While Lori was picking cherries in their relationship, Memphis was planning a proposal.

Lori was overwhelmed with emotions when Memphis got on one knee and asked Lori to continue her life with him; she said yes, of course.

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Lori’s parents, Steve and Marjorie were also very happy for their daughter as she got engaged to a loving and independent man. 

Memphis Depay gets on one knee to propose Lori Harvey in June 2018 (Photo: 

However, a year later, Lori and Memphis slowly stopped posting about each other, which confused the fans.

In fact, the ring from Lori’s hand was also gone, which made it clear to the public that they called off their engagement due to conflict of interests. The fans were heartbroken as they had expected this power couple to last long.

Not long after that, around December of 2018, Lori was linked to Trey Songz, an American rapper.

When Trey appeared on Steve Harvey’s show looking for love, Steve tried to hook him up with three beauties, which wasn't a success.

It is said that it was then when Trey met Lori who was working in the show. Trey and Lori were spotted by paparazzi while walking on the streets together.

Meanwhile, it was only official that they were boyfriend and girlfriend when the paparazzi caught them on the Beverly Hills indulged in PDA.

However, Trey's background worried Steve that Lori was in the wrong hands. Trey was accused of being an abusive boyfriend in the past.

It was only feasible for Steve to worry about his daughter, getting involved with a man like that. The couple was never seen together in the public after Steve talked with Lori about how he couldn't support the relationship.