Lisa Bloom Husband, Children, Mother, Trump, Net Worth, Bio, Age

Date: 15 Jun, 2017

Lisa Bloom Husband, Children, Mother, Trump, Net Worth, Bio, Age

Today women are more confident than ever. They have gained fame and are successful. Among such hardworking and successful women is Lisa Bloom. Lisa is a civil rights attorney who gained enormous fame by hosting Lisa Bloom: Open Court. It is a live legal news program which ran for three years from 2006. Here, we will find all the information about Lisa’s professional life, career, and her personal life. She has reached an incredible height of success.

Lisa was born on the 20th of September in the year 1961. She added love to the family of Gloria Allred and Peyton Bray. Even though the marriage of her parents lived for a short time, it never affected her thinking. Her parents got divorced when she was in college. Lisa had to bear the sadness of her father’s suicide. But even after her mother married her second husband, Lisa was not deprived of the love of a father. 

Lisa attended the University of California. She got her bachelor’s degree from there. Later, she went to Yale Law School and got a Doctor of Jurisprudence. Since the beginning of her childhood, Lisa had the signs of a competitive child. She took part in debate competitions and honed her articulated vision. Currently, Lisa works for The Today Show as a permanent legal analyst. Not only that, she even does her best to contribute to NBC Nightly News and additionally to MSNBC. She has made an excellent presentation about Trump. 

Lisa works as a founder and managing partner of The Bloom Firm. It is a general practice firm focusing on handling family, civil and criminal affairs. Lisa is a licensed practitioner of law and can practice law in California and New York. Talking about her lawsuits, she sued the Boy Scouts of America on the topic of sex discrimination. Lisa did it on behalf of Katrina Yeaw. She even filed a suit against the Roman Catholic Church and LAPD. 

Many significant works of Lisa are The Joy Behar Show, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, The Situation Room, Dr. Phill, The Insider, The Early Show, etc. She is a Jewish lady who is widely known and popular. She is a woman who can inspire many wanting to join in the industry. Today, she earns a good salary and has incredible wealth. But her net worth is not made public. We can estimate that the figure of her net worth is huge. All the wealth she has accumulated is because of her hard work and dedication. 

Lisa is a married lady. She is a mother of two children, but nothing is on the record about the father of her children. We heard that Lisa had married twice in her lifetime, but there are no confirmations to it. At this age, she has gained tremendous success. You can read her biography in Wikipedia and follow her on Twitter for more updates from her life.