Justin Chambers' Wife Keisha Chambers Wiki: Age, Ethnicity, Wedding

Date: 04 Nov, 2018

Justin Chambers' Wife Keisha Chambers Wiki: Age, Ethnicity, Wedding

Nowadays, it's ubiquitous in society for the people to find their loved ones or their better half in their workplace. Similar is the case with American actress Keisha Chambers, who is more popularly known as the wife of Grey Anatomy’s actor Justin Chambers.

When Keisha was working as a trainer for models, she met her heart-throb Justin, who was a model himself.

Keisha Chambers Age, Ethnicity

Keisha, who is at the age of 48, was born in London, the United States as the only daughter and the youngest child to her parents. The actress holding an American citizen is known to hold a mixed ethnicity as she belongs from an African, Hispanic, and Caucasian background.

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Born in the middle-class family, where one member had to sacrifice their rudimentary needs to fulfill the requirements of others, Keisha did not have a fancy New Yorkian life as a child. In fact, she completed her high school education with the help of her brothers as they worked hard to cover the fees of their sister.

Keisha And Justin Chambers

Keisha had a strong sense of infatuation towards becoming a model as a child. Everything was on the favor of Keisha except for her dark skin. She used to be mocked over the color of her skin. So, she couldn't dare enough to pursue modeling.

Though she could not be a model herself, she decided to stay in the modeling world working as a trainer for the models. Her decision to stay there, later proved as a life-changing point for her, as she met the man of her dreams.

But before elaborating on how they fell in love with each other, let’s buckle ourselves up to know what Justin was doing at that time. Justin’s career history reveals that he was working as a fashion model, who was discovered by a model scout in the Paris Metro Station. Specifically inclined to the fashion company, Calvin Klein, Justin was in the struggling phase of his career.

As both of them were in the same field, both of them started liking each other. Soon, the pair initiated dating. As Justin was quite famous compared to Keisha, who was supposed to take care of the schedules of her boyfriend, they didn’t disclose their relationship. Envisioning the controversy they could get themselves in, both of them remained silent for an extended period about their love affair. 

However, the news of their relationship filled the media after they mustered their courage to publicize about their affair.

Keisha Chambers Husband, Children

Keisha tied the wedding knot with the man of her dreams, Justin in 1993. The marriage was quite a secretive one as only the close relatives and some of their friends attended the marriage.

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To center her attention more to the home, Keisha left the glamour agency. However, she never had any shortage with bucks as her husband had accumulated a massive net worth. Although Justin’s net worth during 1990’s is still under the shadow, his current net worth summons to $18 million.

The Chambers family attends the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2016 (Photo: 

As of now, the couple relishes a conjugal married life with their five children in a luxury home in Los Angeles. Their marriage is blessed with twins Maya and Kaila who were born in June 1997. Their other children include their oldest daughter Isabella, born in December 1994, Eva, born in March 1999 and Jackson, born in January 2002.