Eliza Limehouse Bio, Age, Family, Boyfriend

Date: 29 Sep, 2019

Eliza Limehouse Bio, Age, Family, Boyfriend

Eliza Limehouse is an American model and entrepreneur.

As a star, she is best known for her performances in the sixth season of the Bravo’s reality show, Southern Charm.

As a young businesswoman, she is well-known for her contribution to her family business, The Limehouse Properties.

Apart from this, she owns the jewelry company, Snaffle Bit Bracelet Company, which she founded at the age of 17 when she was in high school.

Additionally, she co-founded the Plantation Candle Company with her business partner, Allston Pate. So, Eliza has many things to introduce herself in mass.

One more thing is that Eliza, with no doubt, is making a good earning, but she has not unwrapped the exact figures of her net worth until today.

Though, one will not be surprised if Eliza appears to a millionaire seeing her multiple businesses and inherited richness. 

Eliza Limehouse Married To Boyfriend?

Eliza Limehouse began dating Don Capodanno in the reality show, Southern Charm, in the sixth season.

Both the lovebirds enjoyed their fans in the show with their romance. But their love was short-lived since the pair separated with Eliza accusing her boyfriend of cheating.

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As of now, Eliza is dating her new boyfriend, Struthers McBride. They were friends from years since both’s families were in politics. 

They developed love feelings for each other for the first time when they met for a fake wedding photo shoot. 

Eliza Limehouse with her boyfriend, Struthers McBride, on a fake wedding photoshoot, in 2019 (Source: 

Since then, Eliza has shared several photos with her boyfriend on her Instagram.

The couple seems in a strong bond, but none of them has revealed the plans of their relation.

The question of whether Eliza and her boyfriend, Struthers, will appear as husband and wife, probably needs calm for her fans to be answered in the future.

Eliza Limehouse’s Bio: Age, Father

The reality TV personality, Eliza Limehouse was born on 26th December 1996. The 22-year-old reality star has not revealed her height yet. 

Eliza was the second of the three children born to Chip Limehouse and Susan Limehouse in one of the oldest families in Charleston, South Carolina.

Her father was a politician who served as a representative in the South Carolina State House of Representatives from 1995 to 2016.

Not only her father, her grandfathers, and uncles had also remained senators. 

Her family is one of the famous and prosperous ones recognized as the ‘Limehouse family.’

Going back nine generations of Eliza's grandfathers, Thomas Limehouse signed the Declaration of Charleston

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Her renowned family owns the family business, The Limehouse Properties, which runs hotels, parking companies, commercial and residential real estate brokerage offices and a production company.

In 2016, Eliza’s family faced public criticism since her father, Chip, was found having extra-marital affairs and cheating on her mother. He even has a daughter with his new mistress.

Later, her parents got divorced, but she keeps good relations with both of her parents and defends criticism on them.

Further, she reveals that she is a family loving person and remains close not only to her parents but also to grandparents and brother.