Serayah McNeill Bio, Boyfriend, Lesbian, Net Worth

Date: 12 Aug, 2019

Serayah McNeill Bio, Boyfriend, Lesbian, Net Worth

Serayah McNeill is a pop-oriented contemporary vocalist, dancer, actor, and model who started on her career performing in theatre productions and working for the print and television advertisements. 

It took a while for her to land on her breakthrough gig on the FOX drama sensation, Empire, in the role of fledgling recording artist, Tiana Brown. The Empire journey began in 2015 and is still on its beautiful ride as of 2019. 

Serayah's career received a significant boost for the convincing portrayal. 

Besides acting, Serayah, who believes that her character in Empire is somewhat similar to her real self, got featured as a lead vocalist on the music from the first season, ‘Keep It Movin’,’ and on a few more.

The same year, she was seen in Taylor Swift’s video for ‘Bad Blood' as a character named 'Dilemma.' Besides, Serayah is also known for her part in the 2015’s Lucky Girl and 2017’s Burning Sands. 

Serayah McNeil’s Bio: Age, Parents

Serayah, age 24, was born in California as Serayah Ranee McNeill and raised in Washington and Georgia. She feels the luckiest to have been brought up by her father, Joseph Eyres, and mother, Kanika McNeill.

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Time and again, on her social media, she lets her fans and followers into her childhood memories.

The beautifully captioned posts reveal just how much she cares about her parents. She is forever grateful towards her parents and credits them for every single her accomplishment today.

Serayah McNeil with her mother, Kanika McNeill, on 14 May 2018 (Photo: Serayah McNeil's Instagram)

Serayah, who often highlights her hair blonde looks super classic and stunning in her height of 5 feet and 2½ inches (1.59 meters).

Known for her pouty lips and curly locks, the young TV actor is on the verge of making a name in the entertainment world and is managed by her mother.

Serayah has a long way to go, and thus, it is too soon to count after the digits to her net worth.

Dating Boyfriend Or Lesbian?

Serayah, the LA-based star, has surprised her audiences a great many times by her on-screen romance.

For that reason, it is understandable that they are curious if Serayah is dating anyone off the screen.

However, she does not seem to have a real-life sweetheart, or even if she does, the actor-singer is keeping it quieter. She instead appears to be enjoying her newfound success on the smash-hit series. 

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But as a part of the industry, she is prone to the rumors and speculations in regards to her private affairs even if she chose to keep it secluded. Having pretended as a bisexual and lesbian on screen, she is projected to the rumors about her sexuality.

Be that as it may, her bio denies all of it and claims her to be straight. 

Meanwhile, in the past, Serayah has been linked with some people in the industry. However, the ex-boyfriends and the relationships were short-lived and hence did not get much of the footage.