Aisha Hinds Married, Husband, Gay/Lesbian, Relationship, Family, Height

Date: 20 May, 2018

Aisha Hinds Married, Husband, Gay/Lesbian, Relationship, Family, Height

American actress Aisha Hinds is well-known for her role as Loomis on the drama series Dollhouse and Carolyn Hilton on Under the Dome. Moreover, she is also known for her supporting roles in television series like The Shield, True Blood, and Detroit 1-8-7.

Aisha who has always received positive reviews for her work has baffled her fans and followers with her personal life as she is expert in maintaining silence about her relationship issues.

Is Aisha Hinds Married? Or Is A Lesbian?

Aisha Hinds is an amazing actor and has won the hearts of many fans and followers through her acting skills which indeed makes her fans curious to know about her personal life. But, the actress does not agree to spill the beans of her personal life.

Aisha has never talked about her private matters in any interviews and has never flaunted any pictures through her social account. Though she has reached forty-two, she does not show any hint of getting married and enjoying rest of the life with a husband.

However, back on 7 June 2010, according to Aisha Hinds was spotted with a man holding each other’s hand while doing shopping at Grove.

Aisha spotted with an unknown man at Grove posted on 7 June 2010 (Photo: Hollywood)

The man in a blue sweater might be her possible boyfriend, but she has not uttered a single word regarding the man and has not revealed any details till yet. Until and unless she comes up with the truth nothing can be said regarding the matter.

The actress seems too occupied with her career and does not want any distractions by getting into the relationship.

As she is successful in maintaining silence regarding her relationship she is sometimes accused of being lesbian. Furthermore, people could not find any information regarding her past and current boyfriend; speculation was made that Aisha might have a gay or lesbian sexual preference. The speculation became even stronger after her portrayal of lesbian couple role in the movie Under the Dome.

However, she has never discussed her sexual orientation nor has shown the traits that resemble lesbian preference.

Aisha’s Bio, Career, Family Life

Aisha, age 42, was born on 13 November 1975, in Brooklyn, New York. She attended the High School of Performing Arts in New York.

Aisha, who stands at the height of 5’ft and 7’’inches tall, began her acting career by portraying the role of Carla Howell in the television series NYPD Blue in 2003. Since then, Aisha Hinds has made her appearance in television series including The Shield, Judging Amy, Blue’s Clues, Boston Legal, Gun Hill, Invasion, Shots Fired, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Underground.

Unlike other girls, Aisha’s appearance is pretty unique; she has shaven head hairstyle. Her hair was not always shorter, but when she realized that real beauty lies inside each human, she became a supporter of inside beauty. She is happy with her bald hair, and even her fans appreciate her for being natural.

In an interview with ESSENCE on 25 May 2017, Aisha revealed that why she shaved her hair and did it without a fashion stylist. She gushed:

You know, I think it sets me apart, one. And I know there a lot of women who have bald head but I think every person sought of experiences there own beauty in a very unique and individual way for myself before I moved to LA.

I saw my features for the first time. I saw my cheekbones. I saw my nose. Beautiful. I saw my eyes and That made me have a different relationship with myself

Back on 29 June 2016, she shared a post regarding her bald hair with a caption neither HAIR nor there…

(Photo: Aisha Hinds' Twitter)

Talking about her family life, Aisha has an adorable parent whom she loves a lot. Her love for her family can be seen in her social account as she keeps flaunting photos of her parents. She has shared pictures of her parents wishing them on their birthday via Twitter.