Susie Boniface Married, Education, Family

Susie Boniface's date of birth reveals her age as of with every required thing...reaching a greater height in her career...for her education and training...earns a hefty salary...was married to her husband before she found that her partner was...removed a bad story from the book of her life...decided to part ways with him...

Susie Boniface Married, Education, Family

The famous journalist and freelancer Susie Boniface has proved herself through her years of hardship, reaching a greater height in her career. 

Besides journalism and freelancing, Susie is an independent writer who expresses her feelings through her blog, 'Fleet Street Fox.’ 

Moreover, she makes time to write and publish books, that is a significant source of her earning.

Even though she chooses not to disclose her salary, it is sure that she receives more than the average salary of journalist and freelancer from the looks of her popularity.

Thus, she has managed to live a comfortable life, residing in the United Kingdom. 

Susie Boniface’s Bio: Education, Family

Susie Boniface, who prefers to be known as ‘Fleet Street Fox,’ celebrates her birthday on the 23rd of June every year with her close people. Her date of birth, being 1977, reveals her age to be 42 as of now. 

Her parents raised Susie in the United Kingdom. Although Susie keeps all her personal information private, she has been open about expressing her love for her parents. 

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For Susie, her father is the one person who always worked hard to fulfill his family with every required thing whereas Susie’s mother is someone who always took care of Susie, her father, and home. 

As she had a great interest in expressing her thoughts through words, Susie joined the National Council for the Training of Journalists for her education and training.

But, Susie faced a lot of hardship before finding proper respect for herself, even though she started to work early in her life. 

Susie Boniface sharing her experience of career hardship through Twitter on 20 April 2018 (Photo: Susie Boniface's Twitter)

However, things have changed for Susie as her years of dedication has made her one of the most respected and praised journalists and freelancers working currently.

Married To Husband / Partner

The influential writer is very expressive while speaking about her deep feelings through her words. She keeps things simple, yet the words she puts up on the paper ends up inspiring many others.

When Susie expressed her married life, she had all the courage to tell everything with honesty and bravery.

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Even though it is challenging to put your feelings into words, Susie was an exception when she opened about her relationship.

Susie Boniface aka Fleet Street Fox, who never fails to impress her audiences with her powerful words (Photo: Geoff Pugh)

Susie was married to her husband before she found that her partner was cheating on her with another woman. Eventually, after knowing about her ex-husband’s affair with other women, she decided to part ways with him. 

It was a tough call for Susie; however, she felt good about her divorce as she successfully removed a bad story from the book of her life. 

As of now, Susie seems to be enjoying her life without regrets of divorce because "it is better to have nothing than something that might hurt you."