Steve Blum Wife, Children, Net Worth

Steve Blum's plans of getting married to... talked of parenting his kids together with his wife...great father to his three children...flaunts a total net worth of...his family reveals his age as of today...stands at the height of 5 feet 11 a lovely relationship with another voice actor...exceptionally deeper voice...

Steve Blum Wife, Children, Net Worth

Steve Blum is an American voice actor, embracing a record in the Guinness Book of Records as the most prolific voices in video games. He began the anime voice acting at an early age sixteen in the anime series, Kido Senshi Gandamu.

Long before he considered the possibility of voice-acting as a profession, Steve did it just for fun, and also as a tool to shield himself from getting bullied. His exceptionally deeper voice even kept him from getting beaten up. 

He had no clue that his unmistakable deep-rasping voice would someday present him with a prominent career in the entertainment world.

Steve Blum's Age, Height & Net Worth

For Steve, the voiceover never actually paid the bills until he was 40. Before this, he had an entirely different career going on for him. He’d been working in the film industry as a materials supervisor for 14 years and had earned an upper-level position in marketing.

But then at some point, it occurred to him that he would have to get himself out of the monotony and instead do what he loved.

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And today, here he is, with over 400 video game credits to his name.

The Veteran Voice Monkey is critically acclaimed for his voice roles in a great many successful projects including ‘Spike Spiegel’ from Cowboy Bebop, ‘Wolverine’ from several incarnations of X-Men, ‘Orochimaru,’ ‘Zabuza,’ and others from Naruto, and even ‘Green Goblin’ from the Spectacular Spiderman series.

At the age of 59, Steve stands at the height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters) and flaunts a total net worth of $4 million from only doing what he adores.

Steve Blum Married To Wife? Children

Steve has time and again mentioned his kids on his interviews. However, he has never talked about parenting them together with his wife. In such a scenario, it is not appropriate to create any baseless assumptions about his yet to be disclosed affairs.

Nevertheless, talking about the part of his life which is laid open in public, he is reportedly in a lovely relationship with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, a voice-over actor, singer, writer, and a director.

Steve often shares pictures of them spending time with his parents and sons.

Steve Blum with the love of his life, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, and their friend, Luna Mena, on 26 Feb 2016 (Photo: Luna Mena's Twitter)

Moreover, in several tweets and its preceding comments, Mary is tagged as Steve’s wife.

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Meanwhile, the couple has not denied to them getting married, nor any announcements on its acceptance have been made so far. As for now, the media-secluded family business remains a bit of mystery.

His Children

Steve is a great father to his three children, all sons. His youngest one is currently in his near-mid twenties.

So, his fatherhood at the moment is comparatively at ease. They are all doing their own thing, and Steve makes sure to keep in touch with them as much as he possibly can.

However, it was pretty tough back in the old days, especially the time with his oldest son, Jeremy.

Steve was only getting into voiceover, and he literally had to throw him in a backpack and take him to his auditions.

Nevertheless, he would do all of it, over and over again, even if he had to because being a father to his three kids is the most beautiful part of his life.