Sarah Davenport Bio, Age, Parents, Boyfriend

Sarah Davenport was born in the year 1994 as per her bio...25 years of age...Born to parents Melisa and Russell Davenport...the height of 5 feet 3 inches...birthday on 21 February...role portrayal in the from the TV shows...talking about her boyfriend...she was dating Kevin...for her education...

Sarah Davenport Bio, Age, Parents, Boyfriend

Quick Information

Sarah Davenport rose to fame as a splendid television and film personality. Her evergreen passion for the artistic and creative sector has led her to master in every role offered to her.

Sarah was into the artistic field ever since her early days. She was always a curious kid and loved to fuel her ideas and experiences. So, for her education, Sarah went on to Cambridge University and completed her BA degree with majors in History.

Sarah’s education, experience, and creativity have undoubtedly helped her flourish her roles in the crime and thriller dramas. Thus, within a short period, Sarah has successfully made an impact on the audience through her roles in the horror and crime genres.

Sarah started off her acting career as a TV actress. She was offered the role of Ivy Brown in the popular television crime drama Stitchers, which made her an overnight star. Her extraordinary performance in the TV show opened her way into movies. Furthermore, Sarah was loved and adored by the audience for her role in films like The Hatred and Bodysnatch.

Hopefully, the lady keeps entertaining her audience with her impactful work in the upcoming day.

Sarah Davenport Bio- Age, Parents

Born in 1994, Sarah Davenport is 25 years in age, as of now. The Atlanta, Georgia-born actress celebrates her birthday on 21 February every year. Raised by parents: Melisa and Russell Davenport, Sarah stands at the height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.61 meters).

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Though she has not opened much about her family background, her social media posts confirm the fact that Sarah is very close to her parents. She considers them her inspiration through every aspect of her life. Moreover, the lady has mentioned that the support and motivation of her parents have led her to become what she is today.

Sarah Davenport encourages youths to stay with their parents, showing her appreciation to her parents on 1 July 2018 (Photo: Sarah Davenport's Instagram)

Hopefully, her parents' encouragement and support will lead Sarah to even greater heights of success in the future.

Sarah Davenport Boyfriend, Dating

Sarah was in a relationship with a medical student named Kevin Milligan. She confirmed via her social media in 2016 that she was dating Kevin. Sarah was very open about her boyfriend and also shared a lot many pictures with him in her social media accounts for her fans to see. However, the last portrait she shared with him was of their first love anniversary in March 2017. She never shared any photos with him after that.

Sarah Davenport's last public photo with her boyfriend, Kevin Milligan (Photo: Sarah Davenport's Instagram)

So, there is a possibility that Sarah and Kevin might have broken up. Though neither of the two has confirmed their split, the fact that Sarah has not shared any pictures with Kevin for two long years, somehow makes it clear that they are no more together.

Nevertheless, the case might also be different. Sarah and Kevin might have become more concerned about their privacy, which might have led them to conceal their relationship.

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Hopefully, Sarah will share more about her relationship status to her fans and followers in the upcoming days.