Rene Marsh Wiki, Bio, Age, CNN, Married, Husband

Rene Marsh is an American journalist who is widely known for her CNN reporting since 2012. Marsh and her husband, Kedric Payne, went through a heart-clenching misfortune after losing their 2-year-old to cancer.

Rene Marsh Wiki, Bio, Age, CNN, Married, Husband

Quick Information

Rene Marsh, a renowned American television correspondent, is widely known for her affiliation with the CNN network since 2012. 

But, the journalist’s life took a devastating turn when she and her husband, Kedric Payne, had to face the tragic loss of their toddler son on the hands of cancer in April 2021. 

Marsh’s Career As CNN Correspondent and Her Net Worth

The 39-years-old Marsh has been a part of CNN since 2012 and mainly reports various government regulation and aviation issues. She has covered for around eight hundred stations affiliated with CNN. 

During her years in CNN, she has reported some significant issues such as the Asiana flight 214 crash, same-sex marriage, and the affordable care act decision made by the U.S. supreme court. Additionally, she has also covered several other concerning issues and has done some major political coverage during the presidential election. 


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Before joining CNN, Marsh had worked as a WSVN’s correspondent and covered sports, local news, and education. Besides, she was also a host at KTAL and CBS. 

With years of dedication and hard work, the journalist has undoubtedly amassed a hefty net worth, but the accurate number is unrevealed. However, as per a report, a CNN senior journalist’s salary figures around 100,000 dollars annually.  

Marsh’s Husband And The Tragic Loss Of Her 2-yeas-old Son

Marsh tied the knot with her partner, Kedric Payne, in 2017 after few years of dating. Payne is a general counsel and senior director at Campaign Legal Center and initially worked as an attorney at the Department of energy. 

In March 2019, the couple extended their family to three after welcoming their son Blake. But, he was soon diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer, which took his life in April 2021. Marsh shared few words on an Instagram post dedicated to her 2-year-old, feeling devastated yet grateful for his time on earth. 

I am forever changed because of you, my son. I feel blessed and honored to have been your mom. I wish we had more time together, but I’m grateful for the time we had.

Despite being heartbroken, the strong mother kept herself brave enough to face the harsh reality and is now determined to help the children battling cancer.  


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Rene Marsh’s Short Bio

Born on April 18, 1982, Marsh’s hometown is Binghamton, New York. She grew up with her loving parents and a sister, Michelle Marsh, an Emmy Award-winning journalist. She is very close-knitted with her family members and often shares her affection towards them through her Instagram posts.  

The journalist is an honored graduate of Binghamton University and received a master’s degree from Syracuse University in broadcast journalism.