Lindsay Riley Bio, Age, Married, Salary, Family

Lindsay Riley just knew how and where to deploy her formal education...joined the 12 News team as of January reveals her age...married the man of her dreams...few months to their engaged on...grew to a height of 5 feet and 3 inches...salary details...about her family...and mother taught unconditional love, grace...

Lindsay Riley Bio, Age, Married, Salary, Family

Lindsay Riley was a wonder-kid, who, from the time she was four, knew that she wanted to be a meteorologist.

She grew up captivated while watching the weather channel. The same child, later on, graduated from Penn State University, henceforth receiving a degree of Bachelor of Science in Meteorology. 

Lindsay just knew how and where to deploy her formal education. Little did she know that the future meteorologist would someday be the recipient of the two Emmy-awards, which would be for the Indiana storms she would cover in 2016 and the one at Buffalo in 2008. 

Today, Lindsay is affiliated to 12 News as an evening meteorologist. She joined the 12 News team as of January 2018. Before her current affiliation, she worked as the morning and noon meteorologist for CBS owned WTTV in Indianapolis. 

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Over the course of her career, she got into several media outlets, all of them equally prominent. For this reason, there is no doubt that with each move to a more significant platform, she must have signed an even better contract, which did her good, especially, in regards to her finances. 

However, the salary Lindsay gets paid for her excellence, has never once reached the media or public. But, she must surely be making more than the average salary of a meteorologist, which is estimated to range from $102K. 

Lindsay Riley's Bio: Family Details

Lindsay, age 34, grew to a height of 5 feet and 3 inches (1.60 meters) by 5th grade and was one of the tallest in her class but, funnily she never grew after that. She claimed it in one of her social media posts that she is literally the same size even today.

Furthermore, she got lucky to be born to a mother who taught her unconditional love, grace, compassion, and most importantly, gave her the tweaks to remain steadfast as she followed her dreams.

It is all thanks to Lindsay's mother, her biggest cheerleader, that she chose the very line of work.

Lindsay Riley, as she took her parents to her workplace on 26 June 2018 (Photo: Lindsay Riley's Instagram)

Today, her father and mother are very lucky parents to witness the accomplishments of their daughter. Who would not feel pride in visiting their kid's workplace and that too on the famous TV, and watch her Live? 

While not much to her past life is disclosed, it is evident that she was provided with a fantastic upbringing by her family. 

Married / Wedding Details

Lindsay, as she got in the plane for her move to Phoenix, never even thought for a second that it would be in that very plane that she would meet her future husband. 

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She met the dapper Sean on the flight and a year later on 21st November 2018, they were engaged. 

Lindsay Riley and her husband, as they flaunt their stunning chemistry during the engagement shots at Buttercup- Imperial Sand Dunes on 21 November 2018 (Lindsay Riley's Instagram)

Then the following year, a certain day in April 2019 was booked for their beautiful wedding in a place called Horseshoe Bend. 

Today, a few months to their wedding has passed, and Lindsay still finds it hard to believe that she is married to the man of her dreams. 

More details to the initial days of her love life remain under the wraps for now and are impatiently awaited by the people who love watching her on TV on every single weekday.