Kristi Nelson Bio, Age, Husband, Weight Loss, Family

Kristi Nelson shows her affiliation to KXAS-TV NBC 5 unwraps her real age as of now...appears to be a family person...enrolled in her formal education accordingly...not married thus far...address as her husband...the science behind weight loss...stands to a height of...adds up to her mainstream salary...donated a kidney to her mother...

Kristi Nelson Bio, Age, Husband, Weight Loss, Family

Quick Information

Kristi Nelson’s obsession over journalism started when she was just at the age of nine, as Santa, mystically left a typewriter for her beneath the Christmas tree.

The youngster soon began battering out articles based on the ideas she grasped from watching TV. She would later cut and paste the stories in a printed form and sell it out to her family members and that too for 25 cents. 

Henceforth, Kristi found her real calling early on, and this truly helped her pursue news and storytelling in the long run.

She even got enrolled in formal education accordingly, receiving a prestigious master's degree at Columbia University. 

Today, Kristi shows her affiliation to KXAS-TV NBC 5 News, co-anchoring NBC 5 First at Four, NBC 5 News at 11 am, NBC 5 Talk Street and Lone Star Politics.

Besides, she is a regular presence throughout the week on several other NBC 5 programs. 

Kristi Nelson’s Bio: Age, Family

Kristi, who stands to some unrevealed height, grew up celebrating her birthday every year on the 7th of August. She appears to be a family person and shares an amicable bond with her family. 

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Despite her busy schedules, she makes sure to make herself available for her family. From her parents and siblings to her little nieces, Kristi is fond of everyone in different ways.

However, her social media activities and interviews emphasis more to the relationship she embraces with her mother, Hellen. 

Kristi Nelson, with her father and mother, Helen, attends some event on 20 January 2014 (Photo: Kristi Nelson's Facebook)

At some point, her mother went through a tough medical condition, but her daughter came in like a guardian angel.

Kristi donated a kidney to her mother. It was during August 2011 that Kristi documented the process in a multiple-part series and called it “Kristi’s Gift”- that aired on NBC5. The very series earned her an Emmy award. 

Married To Husband?

Digging through her life stories thus far, it is evident that Kristi is not married and does not have someone in her life whom she could address as her husband.

On valentines day, she would rather indulge herself in the yummiest looking cupcakes than date nights with her love. At the current phase of her life, it is too soon to pass any conclusions or judgments in regards to her private affairs.

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Nonetheless, Kristi has so much going on in life besides dating and all.

Having got the taste of sports world, politics and day to day news affairs through her journalism, in recent years she is more into covering the issues relating to justice, race, communities, and health. 

For that reason, she has been writing articles on the science behind weight loss and why it is necessary for shaping an individual’s overall health.

The beautifully written articles published by NBC 5 not just inspire people regularly but also financially adds up to Kristi's mainstream salary.