Julia Allison Now, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth

Now, Julia Alison confirmed working as a change activist...bio unwraps her age...engaged to her boyfriend...looking to get married...becoming a family...boasts a net worth of...Associate Professor at UCSF Medical Center...playing the “knock-off” of Carrie Bradshaw in...considering the TV show as her road map to almost every aspect of her life...

Julia Allison Now, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth

This, right here, might not be the place for those who are huge fans of the American rom-com drama television series, Sex and the City.

It is Julia Allison we are talking about who got so involved with the series that she started considering it as her road map to almost every aspect of her life.

Julia was a high school senior at the time the show made its debut, and soon it was all Julia saw literally.

Instantly enthralled by the vibes ongoing in the show, Julia wanted to be like the ladies in the show, and thus she began idolizing the fictional characters with whatever was in her power.

Once a nerdy, mostly locked inside some pages inside the library, the early teenager thought that she would never even be kissed! 

But then who would have imagined the same girl would get to star in Bravo’s Miss Advised- the show with a concept of real-life Sex and the City.

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Finally, Julia got to play the “knock-off” of Carrie Bradshaw, who she grew up idolizing, only to regret that phase of her life in the near future. 

Whatever may have occurred in the past, today, Julia is finally getting to feel the “genuine” her having put aside her pink party dress, designer shoes and bags all in the storage. 

Where Is Julia Allison Now?

Julia, age 38, the American journalist, television commentator, and public speaker, who reportedly boasts a net worth of $800K, has so much going for her in recent times.

As she began to question herself what her life would have been if the idols she grew looking upto had never come anywhere near her consciousness, she felt like she needed to sort everything out.

Crushed with the need to think clearly, Julia took a sabbatical and went to Bali for a complete eight months and amazingly came back as a person she should have been otherwise.

And, now, she confirmed working as a change activist, serving as an advisor to startups and entrepreneurs looking to better the planet, all the while mounting summits for world leaders. She said,

I’m finally living a life of integrity, and I’m attuned to my values. I never heard about values on “Sex and the City.”

What matters is she finally made peace with herself, and her fans are more than happy that she is back in her Instagram with so much to say!

Engaged / Married To Boyfriend?

On an interview dated 2nd of June 2018, Julia said-

Two months ago, I started seeing someone I never would have dated 10 years earlier. Back then, I wasn’t looking to get married or seek a lifelong partner, and that was a mistake. This man is a very reasonable choice, and I’m at a place in my life where reasonable is very sexy.

And, that was it for the internet to go mad over her confession.

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More to it is her social media post where she never gets tired of gushing about the man in her life- Alex (Alexander) Marson, the Associate Professor at UCSF Medical Center.

It is yet not apparent if the lovey-dovey pair got engaged. But then, no doubt, the couple will soon be walking down the aisle as they get married over a magical ceremony and become a family.

Their all-smile faces all over the internet speak much more than words.