Jim Cantore Married, Wife, Divorce, Gay, Children, Salary, Net Worth

Famed American meteorologist Jim Cantore is currently dating meteorologist

Jim Cantore Married, Wife, Divorce, Gay, Children, Salary, Net Worth

Quick Information

The renowned American meteorologist Jim Cantore, who has garnered a hefty net worth throughout his career, is known for his work in The Weather Channel and is quite popular among his viewers for his brilliant weather coverages. However, as open as he is about his professional journey, he is just as transparent about his love life and family. 

The Weather Channel’s beloved personality has two kids from his previous marriage whom he loves dearly. Moreover, moving on from his first failed marriage, the meteorologist has found love again and is currently dating meteorologist Britley Ritz. 

Jim Cantore’s Failed First Marriage and Children

The tv news personality was married to his ex-wife Tamra Zinn in 1990. But the years-long marriage came to an end after almost two decades in 2009. However, the reason for the divorce or any further information on his ex-wife is unknown. 

Though the years-long bond ended, Cantore is most grateful to have had two children from that marriage. He has a daughter, Christina Marie Cantore, who reached the age of 27 this July and has a 25-year-old son, Ben Cantore. 

Cantore’s children mean the world to him, and he often shares the moment of joy with his kids on his social media. And, one can tell he is on cloud nine when he is with his kids. 

Making a ‘gram post on June 22, 2020, Cantore uploaded series of pictures with his son and daughter on the occasion of father’s day and poured his heart out in the caption that said, 

These 2 are my life’s mission. One of the greatest gifts and privileges in life as a man is to become a dad. In the end all that matters is I did it to the best of my ability like my father did. Hope all you dads had a great Father’s Day.

Though it may seem Cantore’s life was always smooth sailing, he has had his share of challenges. Cantore’s children suffer from a genetic disorder, Fragile X syndrome. The condition affects one’s intellectual ability, which may range from mild to moderate. 

But he did not let the condition affect his love and care for his kids. Rather, he involved himself in charitable works and contributed to the Parkinson’s Unity Walk and the Fragile X Research Foundation. Along with that, he also dedicates his time to the national events conducted by Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

Undoubtedly, Cantore’s parenting is an inspiration to all. He did not just raise his kids, but he raised them right, inspiring them to become humble beings. 

Moreover, his Instagram feed tells us that whenever he gets time off of his work, Cantore mostly goes on outdoor adventures with his kids and has quality time together. 


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Who Is Jim Cantore Dating?

Although his decades-long marriage failed, Cantore has never been short of love in his life. However, since his divorce, he has been tagged with few women. 

For instance, around 2010, the meteorologist was rumored to have dated CNN journalist Andrea Butera. The rumor stayed for a long time since the pair frequently appeared on one another’s social handles. But they never directly hinted if they were actually dating and referred to each other as ‘friends.’  

But, currently, Cantore, who stands at the height of 5 feet eight inches, is dating Britley Ritz, a meteorologist at The Weather Channel. The couple seems to have been dating since 2019. 

Judging their togetherness in their social handles, it looks like the couple will hit it off great this time. Their adorable bond might one day lead them to take a step further and get married. So, it remains for us to see what the future holds for the love birds.   


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