Jill Schlesinger Wiki, Age, Married, Parents

Jill Schlesinger, a renowned business analyst at CBS, has been together with her partner, Jacqueline LiCalzi, for several years.

Jill Schlesinger Wiki, Age, Married, Parents

Quick Information

The Emmy nominated business analyst Jill Schlesinger is most recognized for her profound business insights and financial advice. Expanding her reach to a wide range of population, the CBS News business analyst has published her book titled The Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Money. 

Besides enlightening people with her financial understanding, the analyst with her partner, Jacqueline LiCalzi, has been a regular donor to a Long Island conservation trust. 

Jill Schlesinger and Her Partner Jacqueline LiCalzi

The duo who have been supporting the conservation trust, Peconic Land Trust, since 2012, have been together for several years now. 

Schlesinger’s partner, Jacqueline, is a managing director at the financial service provider Morgan Stanley. Moreover, she is also a member of the Firm’s management committee and a notable LGBTQ+ executive. 

With the multi-hyphenated title, Jacqueline marked her prominence in finance for several decades and became a recipient of the John J. mack Leadership Award in 2013. 

Besides successful professional life, both cherish each either’s company. But, Schlesinger, being a private person, hadn’t revealed when they began dating. 

Talking about her relationship with her partner, the CBS analyst mentioned how she and Jacqueline choose to remain unmarried because of the massive marriage penalty. The penalty is the amount any married couple with a higher income has to pay to the government.

Rather the pair plan to save the penalty for their retirement and make good use of it. In Schlesinger’s words, 

We could really be in a lot better shape financially saving money for retirement than getting married and paying taxes every year.    

Jil Schlesinger and her partner, Jacqueline Licalzi. (Source: Peconic)

Schlesinger’s Past Relationship 

Before her relationship with her current partner, the business analyst married Ronald Steven Fuchs in 1991 in New York. 

The duo, who had been dating since their university days, tied their knot while they both were at the age of 25. At the time, Ronald was a medical student at the Brown University, where Schlesinger received her bachelor’s degree. 

Although it is not specified when the couple’s marriage ended after a few years, and now the analyst is relishing her life with her long-time partner, Jacqueline.  

Schlesinger’s Personal Details

The analyst, whose age remains unrevealed, is probably in her 50s. She was born to her parents, Susan Gordon and Albert E. Schlesinger, and was raised with her sibling, Kim Schlesinger. 

Unfortunately, her father, a specialist and trader at the American Stock Exchange passed away in 2013. 

In pursuit of her business career, she enrolled in Brown University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts in international relations and affairs. 

Moreover, during the earlier years of her career, when she was running and operating her own investment advisory firm, she came out as a lesbian. Since choosing to be true to herself of her identity, the analyst supports the LGBTQ community. 

Talking about her coming out story, she told CBS, 

Living as an out, gay person, you may be asked to stand up for your own civil rights in seemingly innocuous ways...As long as there are LGBTQ people living in fear and anxiety in their day-to-day lives, we know we have a long way to go, while grateful for the progress that we have seen.

The financial advisor has made a significant impact in the business world with her outstanding analysis and finance expertise in such as way that she is one of the prominent analysts in the nation. 

Given her brilliance, Schlesinger probably has a yearly salary of over 90 thousand dollars as per the analysis, which assumably amounts to her net worth in millions of dollars.