Jan Morgan Age, Husband, Family, Net Worth Info

After her controversial policy of banning Muslims from her gun range, Jan Morgan stirred up the media concerning religious discrimination.

Jan Morgan Age, Husband, Family, Net Worth Info

Quick Information

The gun range owner and a certified firearm instructor Jane Morgan drew attention after declaring her gun range in Hot Springs a “Muslim free” zone. Her controversial statement did raise concerns regarding religious discrimination. But, Morgan defended her policy as an act of protection against criminal activities within her property.    

Morgan Elaborates On Taking The “Muslim-Banning” Decision

It was in 2014 when the certified firearm trainer took to her social media to announce her no-Muslims policy in her gun range, The Gun Cave, in Hot Springs, and wrote, “I refuse to train the next islamic terrorist.”  

Her ‘blatant’ move raised controversial conversations in the media, and many claimed her action to be irrational, putting the entire Muslim population in the same spectrum based on few extremists. 

Several months after implementing her policy, she denied a pair, a father and a son, from entering her gun range, assuming they were Muslims but were Hindu. As the act was considered a violation of the nation’s general Civil Rights Act of 1964, her gun range was monitored by the U.S. Justice Department. 

Although she justified her policy by saying it was simply for “the safety and security of innocent people from all races and background who handle firearm” in her facility, the policy impacted the nation's values of equality to all races and religions. But, she continued to stick to her decision of not allowing any Muslims in The Gun Cave.   

Morgan Ran For Governor of Arkansas

The Republican Morgan stood up as a 2018’s candidate for the governor of Arkansas. She traveled across the state campaigning for the election with her agendas such as anti-gun movement, corporate income taxes reduction, reduction in state government spending, and identifying state’s financial waste. 

However, Morgan lost the Republican primary to Asa Hutchinson, who was elected 2018 governor of Arkansas. 

Short Bio- Age, Husband, Net Worth

Morgan, who is assumably in her late 50s, was born and raised in Lone Star, Texas, along with her sister. She has been married to Bob Paskvich for several years now and has a daughter who studied nursing. 

The tv-personality is an analyst at Fox Business and owns The Gun Cave Indoor Range, a firearm training facility, which is also co-owned by her husband.  

Collectively, from her business and her tv career, she is estimated to have accumulated a hefty net worth in millions of dollars yet unrevealed. But as per the Glassdoor report, her salary as an analyst might be over 100 thousand dollars annually.