CBS46 Ella Dorsey Bio: From Age, Dating Status To Family Info

Ella Dorsey, an American broadcast meteorologist working at CBS46, finally reunites with her biological brother and sister.

CBS46 Ella Dorsey Bio: From Age, Dating Status To Family Info

Quick Information

Ella Dorsey, the viewer’s beloved meteorologist on CBS46, has finally found her biological parents and siblings. Many might not know that Dorsey was adopted, but her long hard search for her biological parents has revealed more than she had expected. 

Dorsey’s New Found Family

It all began when she was twenty one that she became curious about her biological parents and began looking for them. Her adoptive mother Jan, an editor at CNN, has always been open to Dorsey about her being adopted. Later, when she decided to look for her biological parent, Jan couldn’t hold back but support her in her quest. 

But to her surprise, the meteorologist found that her biological mother had already passed away. On the bright side, she found out she had a biological half-brother and half-sister, Emma and Noah.

Not having enough courage to meet her siblings, Dorsey decided to stop her search further. But, during this quarantine period, fate gave her another chance to rethink her quest. She finally signed up with 23andMe to find her biological relatives. 

Through the program, Dorsey’s sister Emma reached out to her first, and later her brother Noah also joined the reunion. The long-lost siblings bonded instantly and are relishing their newfound relationship with each other.  


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Is She in a Relationship?

Diving into her Instagram profile, it suggests that Dorsey might be in a relationship with Michael Strahl. However, she hasn’t quite referred to him as her ‘boyfriend,’ but witnessing the coziness between the two on her profile most certainly suggests so. 

Dorsey first posted Michael’s picture on her Instagram on June 17, 2019. And a couple of posts later, she again shared her outdoor adventure with her partner Michael at Red Rocks Park. However, there have been no such posts following December 21, 2019, when she last shared her moment with Michael.  


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Career and Net Worth

Dorsey is most reputed for the CBS46 morning show Wake Up Atlanta, but she worked as a weather reporter for WBIR-TV in Tennessee before that. There she covered all sorts of weather conditions.

Later, she returned to her hometown, Atlanta, and joined the CBS46 Storm Team in 2016 as a weekend meteorologist. But, in 2020, Dorsey took over the morning show, and now she is the beloved face that many viewers wake up to in the morning.

For her talent in meteorology, she was also awarded the prestigious Certificate of Broadcast Meteorology. Most certainly, from her escalating, Dorsey might have amassed a big chunk of net worth; however, some reports suggest that she might be earning an annual salary of around 72 thousand dollars.  

Short Bio

The meteorologist was born in May 1991 and was adopted by American parents. Spending most of her early childhood in Baltimore, she with her family moved to Atlanta at the age of thirteen. 

Dorsey received her B.S. degree in geography from the University of Georgia with Cum Laude. When her father introduced her to the wonders of weather and climate through a Discovery Channel VCR, her curiosity for weather sparked, and she later went on to become one of the most renowned meteorologists in the country. Besides, Dorsey is an avid football fan and also appeared on sports talk shows in Knoxville.