Dana Gould Wife, Family, Net Worth

Born in Hopedale, Massachusetts, Dana Gould flaunts a net worth of...bio reveals his age and height as of 2019...married his soulmate....progressive wife...adopted children from...wrote the episodes of The Simpsons...several movies and TV shows...stand-up recital as of 2019...family...and life as a comedian...

Dana Gould Wife, Family, Net Worth

There are rarely any television audiences, who has not gone through a single episode of the American animated sitcom, The Simpsons. Most of us grew up watching the Simpson family. However, to be fair, it is the creative mind behind the exceptional masterpiece that needs to be addressed and thanked for.

Dana Gould, age 55, is one of the few such personalities in the industry, who contributed to the idea of the very television classic. For seven long years in a row, Dana wrote the episodes of The Simpsons.

Besides, the American stand-up comedian, actor, and writer, not to mention a voice artist, is known best for featuring on HBO’s Showtime and Comedy Central.

Dana Could's Journey As A Comedian

By the time Dana was 17, he had begun his comic performances onstage. Always been interested in stage and acting, he thus pursued his education in Communications and Theatre, soon after the completion of his high schooling.

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Born in Hopedale, Massachusetts, Dana made a move to San Francisco, California in pursuit of a career in comedy on a bigger platform. Taking a while to settle at the new place, in 1986, together with his fellow comedian Alex Reid, Dana founded the San Francisco Comedy Condo.

Having acted in several TV shows and movies, The Simpsons happened, and years later in 2009, he worked in the production of the television series Parks and Recreation.

All in all, he went on escalating his performances not just in his acting but also in screenwriting, bringing out versatility in his contents and also in production.

Besides the spiritual bliss, he feels for bringing out the best in his audiences with his sense of humor; he flaunts a net worth of $500K as per reported in the celebritynetworth.com.

Married To Wife?

As much of brag is his professional life in the public and media, yet his personal life is a different topic altogether. Never does he allows himself to spill the beans about it. Or maybe he just does not like the idea of letting anyone within his personal space.

However, gathering the bits and pieces from his interviews, social media activities and his stand-up recitals as of 2019, what we can say with confidence is that he was once a married man.

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Dana, who stands to a height of 5 feet and 8 inches (1.73 meters), married Sue Naegle, a former President of HBO entertainment. Like him, his ex-wife holds several titles to describe for her accomplishing the career.

"My wife is very progressive"- said Dana during one of his Interviews, when they were bonded by marriage. He went on adding that together the couple adopted their three beautiful girls all the way from China.

Dana Gould shared a picture with her three daughters on occasion of the Father's Day on 21 June 2015 (Photo: Dana Gould's Twitter)

He keeps on mentioning about his girls and divorce in many of his stand-ups, yet it is not easy to extract details to their family life, based solely upon it.

It has been years since Dana got separated with his wife in 2014. Be that as it may, they seem to have stayed friends even as an estranged husband-wife, as they have still got to do the parenting job.