Cynthia Mulligan Bio: Husband, Married, Family

Cynthia Mulligan, a well-known journalist who has worked in Toronto for more than twenty-five years, is rediagnosed with cancer after 11 years.

Cynthia Mulligan Bio: Husband, Married, Family

Quick Information

The CITY-TV presenter Cynthia Mulligan once again battles with cancer. The tv news presenter revealed the return of her cancer on her Twitter account in January. She was last diagnosed with cancer eleven years ago. 

Cynthia Mulligan Battles With Cancer

Sharing her personal news, she took to Twitter on January 30, 2021, to reveal that she was confronted with cancer for the second time after 11 years. And, this time, cancer has already reached stage 4. 

Though she found out about it two days before Christmas, she took her time to make the saddening news public. Mulligan described her journey through the first cancer battle in a blog post on CityNews. 

Bravely going through the multiple chemotherapy sessions, she had undergone surgery after completing the first part of treatment. Then, for the next six weeks, she went through radiation treatment every single day.

“I feel like I am in an illusion right now. You know, the wig is hiding everything and I can paint on my eyebrows and I am wearing false eyelashes now. The first thing in the morning when I get up and I look in the mirror, I look like a cancer patient,” she said.  

Though she dealt with the whole situation strongly, she was terrified inside. But luckily, the treatment was a success, and she finally got her health back. In the emotional blog, she narrated how going through cancer changed her perspective on life and began to admire everything she had.

But, eleven years later, the nightmare hit her again. Going through chemotherapy again since February, the results seem to be more promising, as she tweeted,

The side effects are tough's worth it.  I had a CT scan and the treatment is working!!  The cancer is not progressing and in fact, it has shrunk by 30%, so don't count me out.

She also showed her appreciation for all the frontline health workers who have been with her through this difficult journey. 

Further, she announced taking a summer break to take care of herself and spend more time with her family. Finally, bidding her farewell to the viewers on January 31, she paused her professional life for a while and promised to be back in the fall, stronger than ever. 

Short Bio on Mulligan’s Family

Mulligan has two daughters from her previous relationship. Being a private person, she hasn’t revealed much about her ex-husband. But currently, she is with her partner, Stef. She opened up about her partner through her recent Twitter post and wrote

Time is the most precious thing any of us will ever have - and so are the people we love.  I have my girls, my family, cherished friends, and my partner Stef who is my rock and fills my heart with love.  I'm going to celebrate and savor every moment.

As for her past relationship, she briefly dated Mike Bullard, and she claimed she had to go through harassment in that relationship, which even led her to knock on the court’s door. Their chaotic split made into several tabloid headlines. She spoke up about his obsessive behavior after their breakup and referred to it as ‘abuse.’ 

However, she got out of the relationship in eight months and is now relishing her relationship with Stef. Moreover, the tv news presenter who has earned a hefty net worth from her impressive journalism career now has a different look at her life and believes in having less and living more.