Annie Linskey Bio, Age, Married, Parents

Annie Linskey is no new name...her birthday on 21st December of every year...her height and ethnicity...the 40-year old journalist... her parents and a brother...attended Wellesley College, one of the prestigious colleges... a guy named Jill Rosen as her husband...about her married status...commenced her career as a press secretary...working for The Washington Post as a national political paid a handsome salary

Annie Linskey Bio, Age, Married, Parents

Annie Linskey is no new name in American journalism. She is a prominent figure as a national political reporter, who is credited for the coverage of several national political campaigns at different times.

During Annie's long career, she is honored with various awards and recognitions. 

Annie Linskey’s Bio, Age & Height

Annie Linskey is one of the famous persons enlisted for being too private to share information about them. Like many of the celebrities, the renowned reporter has not revealed facts on her biography officially yet. 

However, exploring through her social media posts, she is found celebrating her birthday on 21st December of every year. But her exact date of birth is unwrapped till today. Moreover, to the information, she has not disclosed her height and ethnicity yet. 

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Talking about her family, the 40-year old journalist shares a nuclear family with her parents and a brother named, Patrick. Like most of the information, she has not given further details about her family. 

Although Annie has not revealed much about her family, she never misses a chance to share about her family on social media. Annie has shared several photos talking about her family members on her social media.

Scrolling through her posts captioned with beautiful words, one can know that she loves her family a lot and gives very important. 

As for her education, she attended Wellesley College, one of the prestigious colleges in Wellesley, Massachusetts, in 1993 following her graduation in 1997. 

Married Status

While talking about her marital status, Annie has not revealed any information. She has not left any traces to confirm whether she is married or not.

But on a tweet dated 13th June 2009, she was found mentioning a guy named Jill Rosen as her husband. 

Annie Linskey mentions Jill Rosen as her husband on 13th June 2009 (Source: Annie Linskey's Twitter)

Additionally, she tweeted on 22nd October 2012 that she was married in Pakistan. So one can say she is probably married to her husband, and maybe she doesn’t prefer to expose her married details in public. 

However, without her public confirmation about her married status, one cannot say if she is married or single.

Career, Salary 

Annie commenced her career as a press secretary for different leaders. It was there, where her curiosity in politics rose. Trying to quench her thirst about political issues, she appeared as a news reporter for Baltimore Sun located in Maryland.

There she started with reporting local news and crimes and left her nine-year-long job as a national news reporter.

After that, she served Bloomerang News reporting on financial issues. There she also reported on Obama White House. 

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Shortly after, she joined Boston Bureau as The Chief National Correspondent working for its Washington based bureau. There she was tasked to report on White House and national politics. While working at Boston Bureau, she earned fame for reporting on Hillary Clinton and Democrats during their 2016 campaign. 

As of 2019, Annie is working for The Washington Post as a national political reporter focusing on the 2020 presidential election. 

Annie has worked as a lead reporter at various national level news agencies, so with no doubt, she is paid a handsome salary. But she has kept the exact amount of her salary behind the curtains until today