Andrea Bock Bio, Age, Wedding, Net Worth, Ty Pennington

Andrea Bock's Bio reveals her age as of now...speculations about the facts of their wedding...flaunts the net worth of $12 million...husband never reveals any of his private affairs...looking forward to their relationship...children to strengthen their bonding...mature one in the relationship...mature one in the relationship...birthday...height she stands to...

Andrea Bock Bio, Age, Wedding, Net Worth, Ty Pennington

There are many possible ways to have media attention shunned over oneself. As audiences are often obsessed with their favorite stars, their love life and partners also get much limelight.

In the same manner, the extreme media shy Andrea Bock got shoved into the media and public eyes as she fell in love with Ty Pennington - the renowned presenter of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which aired on ABC from 2003 to 2012.

Andrea, who started her career in showbiz as a manager, ended up becoming Ty Pennington’s manager. Once their romance surfaced in media, Andrea's life story changed dramatically, and suddenly everybody wanted a bit of peeking into it.

Andrea Bock’s Bio: Age, Height & Family

Andrea was born in the late 60s in the United States. The American national is a mystery unsolved for the paparazzi and information seekers. As far as possible, she has done a fantastic job keeping her early life and personal life a top secret.

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Even the necessary details like her birthday, height, her family and their whereabouts remain an entirely obscure matter.

The White Caucasian beauty though has a lot going for her besides her flawless personality and charisma that match up to her handsome and famous beau. However, she chose to keep them all off the radar.

Relationship Facts: Wedding, Husband & Children

It was 2004 when the media buzzed with the news of American television host-artist-author-former model-actor, Ty Pennington dating his manager of some time, Andrea Bock. Since then it’s been over 15 years and the stunning couple is still looking forward to their relationship.

While speculations about the couple's dating life and wedding are often made, they are not married whatsoever. 

Ty, age 54, is a lucky man to have Andrea in his life. She is the mature one in the relationship. She has handled everything thrown at her incredibly, even without having children to strengthen their bonding.

At some point, Ty was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) but it didn’t stop her from loving the hunk. She even trusted him after he briefly and admittedly cheated on her. She endured him during his rambunctious phase, proving that she would always be there for him no matter what.

On 24 November 2016, they were spotted enjoying Thanksgiving at the beach in Miami, Florida. It was the last time they were spotted on the public. Andrea is not active on social media, while Ty never reveals any of his private affairs on it.

Andrea Bock and her long-time boyfriend, Ty Pennington, enjoying Thanksgiving at the beach in Miami, Florida on 24 November 2016 (Photo:

Today, the high-school buddies and long-haul partners reportedly lead a quiet and happy life in at their Venice Beach California home.

Net Worth

Andrea has spent all her working career as a manager, managing everything well and uptight in her beau’s life. Besides being a part of Ty's personal life, she equally plays a huge role in his professional one.

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Talking about her net worth, she was estimated to have an amount of $500K as her assets according to some source in 2018. Her boyfriend though flaunts a net worth of $12 million as Ty gets paid an estimated of $75K per every episode he features on.