Alexis Neiers Married Life, Husband Details & Family Background

By Staff Writer | Published On: 24 Jan, 2020
Alexis Neiers Married Life, Husband Details & Family Background

Alexis Neiers is a former reality cast member of Pretty Wild. More than her role in the show, she grasped the spotlight when she was allegedly arrested for participating in a massive string of burglaries around the LA area and was also accused of helping steal priceless heirlooms from the house of rich and famous people in December 2010. The probation officers caught her with black tar heroin when she failed to check in with the officers. Henceforth, she accepted her charge and served 180 days behind bars for the case and gave the statement that she was guilty of hanging out with the wrong crowd. 

After realizing that she should make better friends and better decisions in her life, she wrote a book titled Recovering From Reality where she detailed the trauma that she had gone through. 

Bio - Age & Family Details

Born on 20 June 1991, Alexis Neiers hails from Los Angeles, California, USA. Her father is Mikael Neiers who is best known as a director of photography on the popular series FRIENDS whereas her mother Andrea Neires was a model for Playboy in the 1980s. But her parents divorced and she lived with her mother.

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She has three sisters namely Tess, Gabby, and Tasha. Tess is her adopted sister and she also has a brother named Kaleb. 

Married To Husband, Children

Alexis is married to her long-time boyfriend Evan Haines. They tied the wedding knot in April 2012 in Mexico. After a year, the couple welcomed their first daughter named Harper in May 2013. After three years the couple was again blessed with another baby girl named Dakota in June 2016.

Alexis Neiers with her husband and daughters on 25 December 2019 (Photo: Alexis Neiers's Instagram)

Before the two souls reunited as one, Alex and Evan first met in Alcoholics Anonymous. She was there for therapy when she noticed that Evan was staring at her. Evan had asked her to go out with him but she only said yes after a month.

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For their first date, the pair went to dinner in the beachside villa where they talked for hours about life, their goals and dreams and that's when Alexis fell in love with him. 

About Husband

Alexis' husband Evan Haines is a Canadian businessman and the Co-founder of Alo House who specializes in admission and marketing and business development. He founded the Alo House along with Jared as he had faced many traumas during his childhood. His parents divorced when he was little and his mother struggled a lot with her mental health who took her own life when Evan was only 14 years old. Shortly after his mother’s untimely demise, he was addicted. But some years later, he got through it and attended the University of British Columbia from where he holds a Masters Degree in Community Development Planning.