Thom Brennaman Wife, Mother, Family

Thom Brennaman has been married to his wife for...mother Brenda was the first wife of his father...father is a legendary American sportscaster...fandom along with property and net worth...early family life is quite apparent...his own official Twitter 55 years of age...heights in his career...Ohio University for his education...harsh issues...

Thom Brennaman Wife, Mother, Family

Quick Information

Thom Brennaman has reached heights in his career as a sportscaster. He works for Fox Sports network, CBS radio, and Reds radio as a play-to-play and TV broadcaster.

Thom’s interest in the field of sportscasting undoubtedly developed from his father, a legendary American sportscaster. Thus, his passion for the area was visible ever since his early days.

As a result, while he was in the Ohio University for his education, he was already signed by Fox Sports as a sportscaster. 

All these years as a sportscaster, Thom has attained a high level of popularity and fandom along with a net worth of $2 million.

His fandom is so appealing that, despite not having his own official Twitter account, his fans have created his parody account to keep public updated with his life and stories. 

Thom Brennaman Wife, Family

Thom’s early family life is quite apparent to the public as he, along with his father, has been famous media personalities. However, when it comes to his life with his present family, Thom has tried to remain low-key. 

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Among very little of what he has opened up, it is known that Thom has been married to his wife Polly for many years now. The two attend many functions together and also do several charity works. 

Thom Brennaman & his wife Polly attend a charity function in July 2016 (Photo: moversmakers)

Thom and his wife have an in-depth understanding and endearing love for each other that makes their connection boundless. Moreover, the charity works the couple does together suggests that the Thom and Polly also share common interests.

Furthermore, Thom and his wife’s enthusing love has given life to two beautiful souls, their children.

As of now, Thom resides in Cincinnati with his whole family.

His Age, Mother 

Born on 12 September 1963, the famous sportscaster, Thom Brennaman is 55 years of age. The Chapel Hill, North Carolina native, is the son of the legendary sportscaster Marty Brennaman, and Brenda Chambers. 

Thom’s mother Brenda was the first wife of his father. The two were married for a long time and had two children together. After being married for many years from 1963, Thom’s father and mother got divorced. 

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Several years after getting divorced from his mother, Thom’s father got married again. His father Marty also got married to Amanda Ingram on 21 June 2012. 

Thom Brennaman Illness, Health

As you get older, your health issues might hit you harder than your age. But what keeps you moving forward is your passion for work. Your dedication to what you’ve worshipped as a profession for a lifetime. 

Thom Brennaman also went through some harsh illness early after he entered his 50s. The sickness was harder for the man to deal with for a while because it was related to his voice. 

In May 2016, the man took a leap from his broadcasting job for the preventative surgical procedure to alleviate hoarseness in his voice. 

However, the man got back to his broadcasting booth within two months and presented for the final two games of the season.

Later, after his comeback, Thom revealed that the doctors found more damage in his vocal cord than they expected before the surgery.