Kriss Akabusi Wife, Family, Net Worth

Kriss Akabusi's life stories at various points in his unfolds his age and family background...his married life with his wife, relationship timeline and all...astounding sum landing on his net worth...unlike him, his guy...childhood he lived to was not the easiest start in life...traveled from one foster placement to another...the best education and...

Kriss Akabusi Wife, Family, Net Worth

Not everyone is blessed with a beautiful childhood.

One of them is the British former sprint and hurdling track and field runner, Kriss Akabusi. The childhood he lived to was not the easiest start in life, and he firmly believes that the very phase greatly affected his forthcoming days.

Nonetheless, he never allowed the bitterness in life to ruin him once and for all; instead, he developed this attribute to see the good in everything.

Thanks to those days, today, Kriss gets to showcase his endurance, ability to get on with whatever life threw at him, the ability to see the lighter side of life all the while embracing the moment rather hunting it!

Kriss Akabusi Married To Wife

A great many media outlets covered Kriss' life stories at various points in his life.

But then, most of them revolve around his childhood and remaining are based upon his scores and strategies, not to mention the tweaks to how he made to such a prominence solely out of his skills. 

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And there are only a few that talks about his personal life, his married life with ex-wife, and relationship timeline. 

Putting together the bits and pieces availed thus far, it is apparent that the family guy is blessed with four children- Ashanti, Shakira, Alannam, and Sakhile. 

A media cover, dated 10 August 2012, unwrapped that he had two daughters with his ex-wife, and a son and daughter from another relationship – differing from 28 years to 20 months

More to his family is the fact that his ex-wife's name is Monika. 

Furthermore, his daughter, Shakira Martin, soon-to-be in her thirties now, is a mother and a keen fitness fanatic, all thanks to her father, who instilled in her the importance of staying healthy and robust at all costs. 

Kriss Akabusi walks her daughter, Shakira Martin, down the wedding aisle (Photo:

Growing up without the mother and father waiting at home, Kriss made sure that his children never felt the same void! 

Bio: Age, Family Background

When Kriss was only four, his parents returned to Nigeria, leaving him and his younger brother, Riba, all alone in the UK.

And, over the later few years, the brothers traveled from one foster placement to another. Kriss also revealed to have suffered physical abuse while staying in the private foster.

All the while, his Nigerian mother wanted her kids to have the best from their life- the best education and eventually a respected profession like law.

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She thought the boys would come back as lawyers, barristers, doctors, or even professors.

Never did she realize that they would have tormented childhood baggage to carry for the rest of their lives.

Be that as it may, despite the hard times, Kriss made sure go on with life and get the most out of it. And now age 60, no doubt he is proud of his fame backed up by astounding fortune.

As per his elite lifestyle reported in late 2016, Kriss lived in a six-bedroom home valued at £1.2 million, earning an estimated £200K a year all the while spending up to £125K on a new car, regularly.