Jacqui Oatley Husband, Children, Parents, Salary

Jacqui Oatley, age 43, TV sports presenter, who shows her affiliation to...her spouse is famous for...a blissful married life...husband is the man of many talents...wedding anniversary...about parents...beautiful children...mother, now in her early eighties has this way of helping people...height and weight align well with...her formal education...earns a hefty salary of...

Jacqui Oatley Husband, Children, Parents, Salary

Jacqui Oatley, a TV sports presenter, who shows her affiliation to the media outlets such as ITV Sport and BBC Sport, is well received to have been the first female commentator on BBC's Match of the Day.

Moreover, she also happens to be Britain's foremost female to cover PDC tournaments on ITV4. 

The first brit-anchorwoman to be on BBC's Sportsweek on Radio 5 Live, was appointed as the Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the 2016 New Year Honours for her excellence in broadcasting and miscellany in sport. 

For all she has done so far, the contributions must have paid her off with an astounding realm of salary, not forgetting to mention the loads of reasons to feel pride in herself. 

Married To Husband / Spouse, Children

Jacqui Oatley shares a blissful married life with the love of her life, Nathan Judah, who, like her, has a successful career ahead of him.

Nathan, her husband and the man of many talents, specializes in digital sports editing, video anchoring, sports writing, hosting podcasts and a few more.

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The highly respected broadcaster and her spouse are famous for their witty too and fro over Twitter. It’s like a ritual they have formed.

Nathan would share something beautiful about their wedding anniversary, and Jacqui’s funny comment would proceed right after.

Jacqui Oatley and her husband, Nathan Judah, tweeting on occasion of their wedding anniversary on 25 April 2018 (Photo: Nathan Judah's Twitter)

From the marriage, the couple has produced two beautiful children, Phoebe, and her adorable younger brother who was born on the 21st of April 2014, on his sister’s third birthday.

Phoebe, at one time, gained un-asked popularity over social media.

It began with a tweet when Jacqui damned her daughter’s football coach for he directed the seven-year-old to do the hula-hoops because the boys would only pass to each other.

Eventually, a great many tweets followed, supporting the mother’s anguish.

Jacqui Oatley's Education, Salary

Football presenting did not just happen to Jacqui, and for no reason. She once played football as a professional prior to her severe knee injury.

Maybe for that reason, in an attempt of compensating her sidelined dream, she carved herself as a qualified FA football coach today. 

Besides, her fitness-strived physique speaks all about how much she is into sports and all. At the age of 43, she appears youthful and full of undeniable glow. Her good-looking height and weight align well with whatever ensemble she chooses to put. 

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Meanwhile, talking about her formal education, Jacqui is a graduate of the University of Leeds and Sheffield Hallam University. Although, not much is known about the subjects she majored in.

So is the case of her early life and parents, all are kept in the shadow, away from media and public. 

Digging through her social media, it is obvious that her mother, now in her early eighties, has this humane way of helping others with whatever the way is possible for her.

The proud daughter has tweeted about the times when her mother organized “Home Alone at Christmas” dinner for the elderly people of South Staffs who would otherwise be alone on a festive day.