Clare Tomlinson Bio: From Married Status, Affair To Salary Info

Clare Tomlinson is a presenter at Sky Sports...was born on 6 September as per her the age of...spend enough time with her family...heightened her career by...for roughly 28 years...while the top earners make a salary of...comes within the top earners...her love life was released...romantic affair with Bryan Robson...Bryan's wife attacked her married...

Clare Tomlinson Bio: From Married Status, Affair To Salary Info

Quick Information

Broadcast media professional Clare Tomlinson is a presenter at Sky Sports. She is renowned for her work as the first female representative for The Professional Football Association. Before heightening her career at BSkyB in 1998, Clare worked at many sports channel where Clare hosted several sports programs. She is also known for her role as the head of communications in Arsenal FC. As a sports fan herself, Clare is very enthusiastic about her job as a sports presenter. 

Clare Tomlinson Married, Affair

Clare Tomlinson's affair gained a lot of media sensation in 2000 when the news of her love life was released. Clare was romantically associated with Bryan Robson, a British footballer, who was then a married man. Bryan's wife caught him red-handed with Clare Tomlinson in Leeds Hotel. It was then that Bryan's wife attacked her husband which led to some heated argument and soon a divorce. After Bryan's divorce with his wife, Clare and Bryan dated for some time before they broke up. The reason about the split was not spilled to the public.

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After breaking up with Byan, Clare found love again. She met Charles Windsor and knew he was the man she would live the rest of her life with. It wasn't long before Clara got married to Charles. No information about Charles is revealed since Clara is extra-conscious about privacy. The two have never given out any details of their married life. They are rarely seen in public and social media sites. With limited information, there is no saying if Clare and her husband have welcomed any children in their married life. 

Her Salary

Clare Tomlinson has worked in the media industry for roughly 28 years. She is undoubtedly diligent and devoted to her job. The average salary a Sky Sports employee makes is $83K while the top earners make $111K in a year. Even though the exact figures are unknown, it can be expected that Clare Tomlinson comes within the top earners.

Clare Tomlinson Bio & Age

Clare Tomlinson was born on 6 September 1968. Her bio reveals that she grew up alongside her brother in England. Clare regularly talks about her family on social media sites. Hence, it can be assumed that she shares a close bond with them even at the age of 50.

Despite the British co-anchor's busy schedule, Clara still manages to spend enough time with her family. She also never forgets to wish her relatives on special occasions on Instagram.

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Clare Tomlinson goes out on dinner with her parents on 28 August 2018 (Photo: Clara Tomlinson's Twitter)

Adding to that, she also posted a picture of her dad on his 80th birthday mentioning that he was the best dad in the world. Clare Tomlison is undoubtedly a daddy's girl.