Slim Jesus Wiki, Real Name, Alive, Family

Slim Jesus was born on 10 April... wiki reveals his real name...rumors of Slim Jesus's death...whether Slim Jesus was dead or album Chopsticks is about to be released...underwent some family problems...young age of worth is estimated to be... facts show that Slim alive now... As of 2018...American nationality...known as Swag Jesus...

Slim Jesus Wiki, Real Name, Alive, Family

Quick Information

American rapper Slim Jesus has gained extensive fame just at the young age of 21. Even though he was a part of the music industry before 2015, he only reached the spotlight after the release of his album, Drill Time. The songs in the album gained a lot of approbation in the social media, and Slim Jesus turned into a star in just the matter of days!

Now, Slim Jesus is an example to many teenagers around the globe who choose to make a career in music. 

Is Slim Jesus Alive Or Dead?

After the release of his hit single Drill Time, it seemed like Slim Jesus ghosted from the rap industry since he did not post anything in the social media for an extended period.

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Because of these reasons, there were ongoing rumors of Slim Jesus's death, and the fans started to post Tweets asking what happened to him or if he was dead.

Bandman Kevo asks whether Slim Jesus is dead or alive on 8 January 2016 (Photo: BandManKevo's Twitter)

However, he soon reappeared with his freestyle album titled Who Run It in April 2018. This comeback debunked the rumors of his death and delighted many of his fans.

It was later revealed that it was not Slim Jesus who had died, but another rapper named 3Pac, who had been associated with Slim Jesus. 3Pac was killed in 2015 by drowning in a pool at San Jose State Men's Water Polo Club.

The rapper 3Pac had dissed Slim Jesus several times, and probably his death news caused fans to confuse between the two. However, facts show that Slim Jesus and his passion for rapping is still alive now and his new album Chopsticks is about to be released soon!

Slim Jesus Wiki - Real Name, Family

Slim Jesus was born on 10 April 1997 in Hamilton, Ohio, so his nationality is American. His wiki reveals that his real name is Easton Phillips, but his stage name Slim Jesus is more popular. Interesting fact- he was previously known as Swag Jesus, but it slowly modified into Slim Jesus with time!

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He was raised by a single mother, so he had to undergo some family problems before reaching the height of stardom. 

Slim Jesus gained his fame from YouTube platform; so he has a ton of followers even though he does not post that often. On 20 January 2019, he posted his new release, The Drip Heavy Video, which earned more than 24K views on the first day. His fans supported The Drip Heavy Video with millions of likes and comments on the video.

Apart from YouTube, he also interacts with his fans on social media like Twitter and Instagram.

Slim Jesus has earned a lot of money, even though not everyone has always supported him. He was dissed by a few other rappers like Lil Mouse and Black Jesus, who have even snatched his microphone on the stage. But Slim apparently has more supporters than critics, which is why he is succeeding in the music industry. 

As of 2018, Slim Jesus's net worth is estimated to be $400K, which is definitely a considerable amount for a 21-year-old.