Lenedra Carroll Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Lenedra Carroll has made a considerable name as singer, businesswoman...in Alaska as per her bio...released songs like Beyond...as per her wiki, she was married to Atz...after dating her longtime boyfriend, Lenedra decided to settle...the husband and wife duo gave birth to three children...married life went downhill...now of age 67, her net worth is a total of $30 million...

Lenedra Carroll Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Lenedra Carroll is a renowned American businesswoman and author. She is also a singer who has released many songs like Return To Innocence, La Chapelle, and Love Is. After the release of her songs 2007’s Beyond Words and Daybreak Song in 2009, Lenedra rose to fame.

The singer is also the co-founder of the foundation of Higher Ground for Humanity. Her extensive career as a singer has amassed her a hefty net worth of $30 million.

Lenedra Carroll Married To Husband

Lenedra Carroll met her former husband, Atz Kilcher after she moved to Homer, Alaska with her parents. After dating for some time, Lenedra got married to her husband in the late 60s. 

The husband-wife duo was living a blissful life when they decided to add life to their family. They tried for children, but when Lenedra got pregnant, she lost the child in less than a year due to sudden crib death. The tragedy was a hard one to go through, but the couple survived it together and didn't give up. Lenedra and Atz finally were successful in welcoming their first child Shane Kilcher in 1969.

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After that, they welcomed their second daughter, Jewel in 1974 but had to go through a life-death situation during her birth. When Lenedra was in labor, she and Jewel almost faced death after a nurse put an oxygen mask on Lenedra but forgot to turn on the air. Luckily, Atz noticed it and saved the life of his wife and baby. 

Lenedra and her husband went on to have another child, Atz Lee in 1977. They were living a joyous family life, but due to conflict of interests, Atz and Lenedra decided to divorce. It was a massive shock to many, but Atz and Lenedra agreed that it would be the best for the children and them.

Atz got the custody of the children but failed to become a good parent as he turned into an alcoholic as well as an abusive father which especially affected Jewel. Lenedra also didn’t have a great relationship with the children after the divorce.

However, after some years, Lenedra managed her singer daughter, who opened a foundation called Higher Ground for Humanity with her later.

Lenedra Carroll attends the 'Helping Hands II: Handmade in America' celebrity art auction with daughter Jewel on 12 December 2001 (Photo: gettyimages) 

The family has left all in the past and now lives amicably. 

Lenedra Carroll Wiki-Like Bio

Lenedra Carroll was born in a village in Alaska in 1950 as per her bio. She was raised by her parents Jasper Jewel Carroll and Arva Carroll along with her three siblings as Mormons.

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Now of age 67, Lenedra spent her childhood and teen years moving from places to places. Her parents moved to the interior of Alaska in the Thirties and then proceeded to an island called Wrangell when she was a child. Later, they moved to Seward, Alaska after living in Wrangell for some time

Her parents finally moved with to Homer, Alaska. While adapting to a new surrounding, Lenedra learned to live in the wilderness of places; growing up in Alaska helped her to connect to nature more.