Carina Round Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Carina Round was born on 20th April as per her bio...40 years of age in the time being...married to her husband for a long time background...revealed her actual physical height...amount of net worth from work...latter songs got Carina to the heights of popularity...contracts for 2019...progress with her extraordinary vocal skills...

Carina Round Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Carina Round is a famous singer-songwriter known for her honest songwriting apart from her distinctive and versatile vocals.

The audience can easily connect to her lyrics and music as a whole, which has gained Carina a tremendous amount of fan following.

Moreover, the lady’s long journey to success has inspired many to follow their paths of interest for a satisfying life.

Carina Round Bio: Age, Family

Born on 20th April 1979, the famous singer-songwriter, Carina Round is 40 years of age in the time being.

The Low Hill, Wolverhampton born star has reached the greats of progress with her extraordinary vocal skills. Despite the height of success she has obtained, Carina has never revealed her actual physical height. 

When it comes to her family background, Carina was supposedly raised by a single parent.

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In one of her early tweets, Carina wished her father, a happy father’s day, but alongside revealed that she knew nothing about him. 

Carina Round's June 2009 tweet regarding her father (Photo: Carina Round's Twitter)

Thus, evidently, Carina was raised by her single mother, Pamela Jean Peace. Carina was very close to her mother, who died in 2016.

Carina keeps sharing with her audience, the beautiful personality of her mother.

It is apparent in her social media, how significant her mother’s role has been in Carina’s life. Her mother must have been proud of Carina’s achievements in life. 

Carina Round Married To Husband

Carina has been married to Greg Edwards for a long time now. Carina and her husband also have a 2-year-old son.

Carina and Greg have not shared much about the initial phase of their relationship.

Besides, the couple has also not unveiled the details of their married life. However, supposedly, Carina and Greg’s common interest in music must be the key to the beginning of their relationship.

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In all these years of being together, Carina and Greg have groomed themselves beautifully as a couple. Both of them seem extremely delighted with the spontaneous bond that they share with one another.

Carina Round wishes her husband, Greg Edwards, on his birthday on 15 December 2018 (Photo: Carina Round's Facebook) 

Hopefully, this bond remains the same for a lifetime. As musicians or a couple, Carina and Greg stand as an ideal for many in the years to come. 

Net Worth From Songs As Of 2019

Carina Round began her musical career in 1996. She started her journey in music, performing in the club of the famed musical artist, Ronnie Scott.

In the following years, she supported billings for the artists like Mark Eitzel, David Gray, Miles Hunt of The Wonder Stuff as well as Ryan Adams. 

Carina got considerable attention in her journey with these musicians, and later also got to perform in massive stages, especially, with her performance with Ryan Adams in his London shows got Carina an exceptional level of fan following. 

Carina’s debut in the industry is marked from the U.S. version to the song, The Disconnection for Interscope. Her latter songs like Things You Should Know, Tigermending, Tigermixes, and Deranged in Devine, have got Carina to the heights of popularity.

As of 2019, Carina has not signed any big tour contracts. Hopefully, she soon signs a contract for big musical shows as her fans will to see her more often in huge stages.