Who Is YouTuber ShermanTheVerman's Gorgeous Girlfriend?

Who Is YouTuber ShermanTheVerman's Gorgeous Girlfriend?

Anthony Jabro, better known as ShermanTheVerman, has a pretty exciting lifestyle, as seen in his YouTube channel. The 21-year-old uploads daily vlogs on his channel and shares his personal life. 

Being a vlogger comes with zero restriction as you are bound to show every detail about your personal life, and just like that, he could not hide his girlfriend from the eyes of his viewers. 

Who Is ShermanTheVerman's Girlfriend?

On January 13, 2021, Anthony uploaded a vlog in his channel with the title, "I Asked Her To Be My Girlfriend...

Anthony expresses his happiness in the video, saying that "this is the greatest feelings he ever had, being with someone."

The whole 19-minute video is nothing but full of wholesome moments as ShermanTheVerman does her nails, takes her to dinner, and finally proposes to her to be his girlfriend, and she replies with a big YES! 

(Sherman TheVerman Proposing Her Girlfriend)

Since the video, the two constantly appear on each other's socials and are seen enjoying their time together. 

Talking about Leslie, she grew up in San Diego, California, and is currently working on a hospital. 

Further, on Valentine's day, Anthony shared a heartfelt post about Leslie with the caption, "you're my best friend and I never thought I'd meet someone as perfect and caring and funny and let's not forget petty as you!..."

Sherman TheVerman Instagram Post on Valentine's Day

Sherman TheVerman Instagram Post on Valentine's Day (Source: Instagram)

The post ended with "Happy Valentine's Day Wife," which raised certain speculation regarding the couple getting married. However, the YouTuber has never announced anything about the two getting married to date. Hence, it is safe to say that Leslie is not his wife.

ShermanTheVerman's Early Life & Childhood

ShermanTheVerman was born in San Diego, California, USA, on October 6, 1999. He reached the age of  21 years as of 2021. He holds American nationality. Likewise, Anthony is of Arabic descent.

Even though his parents' names are not a piece of public information, Anthony keeps on showing them on his videos. 

(Sherman TheVerman Gifting His Parents Their Dream Gift)

Moreover, he has a sister, and her name is Chanel Jabro. Also, his cousins FaZe Rug and Brandon Awadis are YouTubers as well. 

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ShermanTheVerman's Net Worth

Anthony is pretty active on all of his social accounts. As of October 2021, he has mustered 827K subscribers on YouTube and 699K followers on Instagram. 

His major primary sources of income are from YouTube, sponsorship, and brand deals. 

According to All Famous Birthday, as of 2021, Anthony has an estimated net worth of $1.5million and has published 116 videos which all together add up to more than 56 million views.