Mona Kosar Abdi's Instagram Post Hints On Her Marriage?

Mona Kosar Abdi's Instagram Post Hints On Her Marriage?

The multimedia journalist Mona Kosar Abdi once teased her Instagram followers with a post indicating her marriage, making her fans curious about her husband. 

Who is Mona Kosar Abdi Married to?

Well, that's something she has been hiding for a very long time. The journalist is known to lead a notoriously private life.

However, her Instagram post of November 12, 2016, had her fans confused if she was actually getting married. 

The 'gram post contained a picture that displayed her feet covered in beautiful henna design, which also symbolized a part of a wedding ceremony in Hindu culture. 

Besides, she also paired the picture with a caption mentioning the wedding. She wrote,

And this little piggy got wedding ready.

Mona Kosar Abdi displaying her Heena designed feet

Mona Kosar Abdi displaying her Heena designed feet (Source: Instagram)

However, not having shed much light on whose wedding she was talking about, the post probably confused her followers if she was the one getting married. 

But, analyzing her social media presence now, she is possibly yet to get married. More so, it remains for her to make the big revelation regarding her love life, taming the curiosity of her enthusiastic fans. 

A Short Bio 

Apart from her secrecy about her life, she is pretty open about her family and her bond with them. From birthday wishes to any special occasions, she shows her affection to her family through her socials. 

Talking to her Instagram account, she shared a picture of her mother from her earlier age and wished her on mother's day with a sweet caption that read as, 

My mother was my first country. The first place I ever lived.” Happy Mother’s Day to my Dousie and all the incredible mamas who come from a long line of strong women whose blood flows through us all.

Mona posing with her mother

Mona posing with her mother (Source: Instagram)

Judging from her social media, where she mainly uploads her mother's pictures, it seems as though she is more closely bonded with her mother compared to other family members. 

Moreover, she also shared a picture of her father, whom she resembles the most in appearance. 

Mona's father from his younger days

Mona's father from his younger days (Source: Instagram)

All in all, she grew up with a supportive family who let her follow her passion. 

Graduating from the University of California in International Studies, Political Science, and communication, the journalist began her career in 2011. 

What Is Her Salary?

She started as editor-in-chief of her self-founded media outlet, Gazzetta

Later she joined KGTV-Channel 10 and Al Jazeera as a writer. Then, working her way up, she served as a reporter at WSET ABC 13. 

After acquiring experience from WEWS as an anchor and reporter, she later secured a job at ABC News as a correspondent.

According to an analysis, Mona, the correspondent of Good Morning America, probably has an annual salary of over 43 thousand dollars.