Michelle Mylett's Dating Life Plus Debunking Her Plastic Surgery Rumors

Michelle Mylett's Dating Life Plus Debunking Her Plastic Surgery Rumors

Love is in the air! 

The Canadian actress Michelle Mylett has been dating for a few years now, and she can't help but flaunt her partner on social media. 

Michelle Mylett's Dating Life

The actress has been dating her longtime beau, Jesse Antler, since 2017. 

Together for four years now, the pair's adorable Instagram post says it all about their love for each other. Although the pair have been open about their committed relationship from the start, they are yet to give out the details of where it all started. 

However, she let the world know she was off the singles list when she dropped a picture with Jesse on her Instagram for the first time in March 2018. 

Michelle Mylett’s first Instagram post with her boyfriend

Michelle Mylett’s first Instagram post with her boyfriend (Source: Instagram

On the other hand, four days before Michelle's post of Jesse, he had already made their relationship 'gram official by sharing a couple-picture. 

Since then, the pair have frequently appeared on each other's socials, giving out their timely relationship updates. 

From wishing one another birthdays to anniversaries, the couple does not miss out to shower their love through adorable 'gram posts. 

On that note, Jesse took to his Instagram in September 2020 to wish his beau on their third anniversary, suggesting they have already passed their fourth year around the sun as love birds. 

Michelle with her boyfriend and her pet dog

Michelle with her boyfriend and her pet dog (Source: Instagram)

Although Michelle's thousands of fans on her social media might be wondering when the pair will get married, the couple has not opened up about their plans regarding marriage. However, the pair live together and parent their pet dog named Clem. 

Plastic Surgery? 

While her love life is getting famous among her fans, so is her rumor regarding plastic surgery. 

Strangely, besides her other details, people also seem to be searching about her plastic surgery on the internet. 

Not knowing how exactly the search came to be, one thing's for sure the actress has not been under blades enhancing her beauty. 

However, tracing back her social media post, the curiosity among her fans regarding her plastic surgery might have sparked following her Twitter post back in 2015, where she questioned if 'starving artist' was an important thing for an acting career. 

But whatever the case, the actress is always admired, excelling at her career with her brilliance and hard work.  

More About Michelle 

Growing up in Ladysmith, along with her siblings, Richard and Mikayla, the actress shares a close bond with her family, who has always supported her goals. 

However, it was not until 2013 that she made a debut in the entertainment industry with Antisocial

Although her journey through acting has been a slow ride, she has successfully set her prominence with her steady ride. 

Later, she appeared in The Drownsman, The Strain, Lost Girl, Bad Blood, and so on. 

Moreover, the actress, who is yet to reveal her net worth, is soon to appear on screens with her new film American Dreamer, alongside the star cast Peter Dinklage.