Is Meg Tirrell Married Or Not? Who Is Her Secret Husband?

Is Meg Tirrell Married Or Not? Who Is Her Secret Husband?

The CNBC journalist Meg Tirrell has barely opened up about her husband, but her confusing social media posts are enough to spark curiosity about her married life. 

Is Meg Tirrell Married?

The journalist's silence about her love life might suggest she is single, but her Twitter posts scream something else. 

Not having talked about her wedding ever, Meg has had several of her followers convinced she is yet to have a husband. 

However, her Twitter post of April 2020, where she mentions her husband, is sure to spark confusion in anybody's head. 

In the post, replying to Scott Gottlieb and Matthew Herper, she wrote, 

Meg Tirrell's Twitter post mentioning her husband

Meg Tirrell's Twitter post mentioning her husband (Source: Twitter

Her reply post certainly hints she is married. But another intriguing question is about the identity of her husband, which she is still keeping under wraps. 

While she is all secretive about her married life, the journalist does not shy away from calling her old colleague her 'tv husband.'

Remembering her days in Bloomberg News, she wrote a reminiscing post on Twitter referring to her work buddy, Armstrong Drew, as her TV husband. 

Summing up all her teasing Twitter posts, she has left her fans with no clue if she is married yet. But one thing her followers are aware of is her excelling professional journey. 

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Thriving As A Successful Journalist

Over the years of her experience in her field of work, the journalist now pretty much knows the secret sauce to succeed in journalism. 

She started out with the hope of becoming an art critic until one day she took a business news class which was enough to turn her mind around. Sharing what she learned from the class, she said, 

"I learned that covering this world isn’t all about numbers and money — it’s about people."

That is when she took her first step towards journalism and began as a print journalist at Bloomberg News. 

Moving To CNBC

Receiving her bachelor's education from Wellesley College and master's from Northwestern University, Meg started her career at Bloomberg News in 2007. 

Having worked for almost seven years at Bloomberg, she had the opportunity to report in health, science, and medicine. 

Sharing about her seven years of experience, she said, 

"Despite having no scientific talents myself, I feel at home in this world because both of my parents are scientists. And talk about a beat that’s about people; there’s perhaps nothing more personal than our health."

Meg reporting outdoors (

Meg reporting outdoors (Source: Twitter)

Then, she jumped from print to TV when she left Bloomberg to join CNBC in 2014 as a biotech and pharma reporter. 

Later, Meg got promoted to senior health and science reporter in 2020. 

Since her service at CNBC, Meg has covered several major news, including medicine developments for diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's, other rare diseases, health emergencies for COVID-19, ebola, etc. 

What Is Her Salary? 

Meg Tirrell, age 37, has become a prominent face in journalism for her brilliant journalism. 

And regarding her seniority with years of experience, no wonder she has amassed an impressive net worth. 

As per an analysis, the journalist has an annual salary of over 85 thousand dollars as a senior reporter at CNBC.