Who Is Liz Collin Married To? Controversy Surrounding Her Husband

Who Is Liz Collin Married To? Controversy Surrounding Her Husband

While the WCCO reporter Liz Collin hoped for a happy married life after her wedding with a former American police officer in 2019, things took a different turn. Her marriage almost cost Liz her job when people gathered in front of the WCCO-TV building asking for her resignation because of her husband.   

Protest Against Her Marriage

As the George Floyd case sparked protest against racism worldwide, Liz's husband Bob Kroll infamously came to the limelight for defending police officers involved in murdering George.

Following the incident, a group of people demanded Liz's resignation from WCCO as a reporter because of her association with Bob. 

Liz was alleged to have reported Minneapolis Police stories in favor of the police department. But, on her defense, she remarked, 

"I haven't reported on stories about the Minneapolis Police or the police union during the last two years. I should also note that nothing that goes on the air is the work of just one person."

Further addressing the matter, WCCO-TV also commented as such, 

"WCCO-TV anchor/reporter Liz Collin is married to Bob Kroll. To avoid any potential conflict of interest, Liz has not reported on Minneapolis Police and Minneapolis Police Union issues for at least two-and-a-half years."

Although the protest for her resignation lasted for ninety minutes, the news remained in the media for quite a while, hampering her professional and personal life in some ways. 

However, she did not resign from the network and had been serving as an anchor and reporter.    

Liz's Married Life

It would be false to say, the controversy regarding her husband has not affected her personal life. 

Indeed it has, but the controversy has settled down with passing days, bringing both her personal and professional life to normal.  

Although Liz Collins and Bob Kroll's marriage had been shaky given the controversy, the pair are still together and are going strong through their third year of marriage as of 2021. 

However, Bob is not the first husband of Liz. She had been married to Joe Sheeran for several years and shared a son, Anthony Donald, born in 2012. 

It was after their divorce that she met Bob and embarked on a new relationship. Currently, the WCCO reporter resides in the suburbs with her husband Bob, a pet dog, and her son.  

Who Is Liz's Husband Bob? 

Liz's husband is Bob Kroll, a former police officer and the Minneapolis Police Department's member, who has served the American police department from 1989 until 2021. 

The infamous former lieutenant grabbed attention for facing several lawsuits against him throughout his career. 

 Liz's husband, Bob Kroll during an interview in St. Paul, Minn.

Liz's husband, Bob Kroll, during an interview in St. Paul, Minn.(Source: MPR News)

To begin with, Bob was suspended for five days from work for rough-handling a fifteen-year-old kid and using racially offensive terms while addressing him. However, despite his inappropriate behavior, he was soon cleared of the charge. 

In 2002, he was found involved in a similar situation again. In a raid on the residence of an elderly couple, he was allegedly among the police officers who were found using excessive force against the elderly couple. 

Later the case was settled for a lawsuit of 60 thousand dollars. Further, he also has a reputation as racially discriminating, for which he was frequently called out several times. 

Several incidents later, Bob came to public attention after defended the police officers involved in the killing of George Floyd in 2020. Regarding the case, he made a controversial remark supporting the crime saying, 

"There’s been a big influx of PTSD. But I’ve been involved in three shootings myself, and not one of them has bothered me. Maybe I’m different."

While the Black Lives Movement was outrageously taking place worldwide, his remark supporting the crime sparked criticism against Bob. 

Having had a long history of misconduct during his tenure as a police officer, he was called out to resign in 2020 and eventually retired in 2021, mentioning his job impacted his family negatively.