Lana Zak Talks About Her Journey from Long-Distance Relationship To Marriage

Lana Zak Talks About Her Journey from Long-Distance Relationship To Marriage

CBS anchor Lana Zak, daughter to multiracial parents, shares how her long-distance relationship turned into marriage.

Lana, sharing her story with The New York Times, recalls her wedding day and talks about her husband.

Lana Zak Shares Her Love Story

Lana first met her husband, Seth Andrew, at Northwestern University at a summer debate program in Chicago.

At the time, Lana was soon to be in her senior year at Bettendorf High School, while Seth was also about to be a senior at Bronx High School.

Both were the heads of their debate team representing their schools.

At their first encounter as debate opponents, Lana won the debate on America's China policy, leaving Seth empty-handed.

Lana's eloquent nature did spark some attraction on Seth's side. Digging down the memory, she recalled, "Seth really tried to woo me."

Although the pair remained in touch, the CBS anchor said their relationship was somewhat impossible because of their long-distance.

But Seth was so reluctant to take their friendship to the next level that he flew to Lowa, where Lana resided, to take her to his senior prom.

Regarding his effort to show up at Lana's door, her mother commented,

"When he showed up at the door, I said to Lana 'He's the one,' and she said ‘No, he's just a friend.' I said 'We'll see."

Lana Zak with her husband, Seth Andrew, and her children

Lana Zak with her husband, Seth Andrew, and her children (Source: Facebook)

Well, her mother couldn't have been right. After several years of dating, Lana and Seth tied the knot on August 21, 2004.

The pair, relishing over a decade of marriage, are parents to twins.

While their personal life was all sailing smoothly, fairly recently, startling news regarding Lana's husband's involvement in money fraud took the national news channels by storm.

Lana's Husband Arrested for Fraud

The news reported by CNBC on April 27, 2021, revealed the details behind Seth Andrews's arrest for money laundering.

The former Obama White House education advisor, Seth, was reportedly arrested from his 2 million-dollar residence in New York City for stealing 218,005 dollars from his self-founded public charter school network.

After tracing all the evidence against Seth, he was charged with money laundering, wire fraud, and tricking a financial institution with his false statements.

Later, in a court appearance, Seth was ordered to release a personal recognizance bond of 500 thousand dollars.

Although Lana was not arrested in the fraud case, she and her husband were restricted from traveling outside New York City for the time being as per the terms of the bond.

While still dealing with the issue, Lana continues to anchor her usual CBS News shows.

Lana's Journey to CBS

The Emmy award-winning journalist is recognized for her 14 years of association with ABC before she joined CBS.

She first joined ABC as a reporter and producer in 2006. Working her way up, she later became a political correspondent based in Washington D.C.

Having garnered years of expertise, the anchor left ABC to join CBS in January 2020 as a news anchor.

Moreover, the multiple awards winning anchor probably earns an annual salary of over 70 thousand given her experience and excellence in her field of work.

Short Bio

As for her family background, Lana Zak, probably at the age of 40s, belongs to a mixed ethnicity with a Korean mother and a Polish father.

Lana with her father while she was young

Lana with her father while she was young (Source: Facebook)

Her mother, Jane Michong Zak, is a Buddhist, while her father is a roman catholic.

Born in Korea, Lana was brought up in America, where she received her education.

The American nationality holder earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Lowa, while she completed her master’s degree from Harvard University.

Having embarked in journalism for over a decade, she is amongst the prominent journalists in the country.