Why Did Krista Neumann and Scott Bakula Split? Where Is She Now?

Why Did Krista Neumann and Scott Bakula Split? Where Is She Now?

It did not take too long for the news of American actress Krista Neumann and actor Scott Bakula's divorce to become the talk of the town back in 1995.

However, Scott's interview might reveal what led the pair to end their decade-long marriage.  

Krista and Scott Bakula's Married Life 

Speaking to People, the actor mentioned his biggest regret was not spending enough time with his daughter at an early age.

Although the pair have not openly addressed the factor that led them to divorce, Scott's conversation with People hints his extremely busy life might have played a part.

The Hollywood's darling couple, Krista and Scott, remained married for almost fifteen years, exchanging their vows in 1981.

The couple became parents to their children Chelsey and Cody, Cody being their adopted son.

During his marriage with Krista, the actor was hustling hard for his prominence in showbiz. At the time, he had his big break as a lead role in the hit sci-fi series Quantum Leap.

Krista Neumann and Scott Bakula attaining an event

Krista Neumann and Scott Bakula attaining an event (Source: Briefly)

While he had his growing children at home with their mother, Scott's intense work schedule for the series took a large chunk of his time, keeping him away from his family.

Scott Harassed For Divorcing Krista

The news of the beloved couple's separation startled their hard-core fanbase, who always rooted for their relationship.

Soon after their divorce, the actor was seen with his new partner Chelsea Field, which some of the ex-couple's fans did not take very well.

Scott claimed he was sent unsigned letters by Tina Marie Ledbetter, who accused him of betraying his fans by divorcing Krista.

"Please announce on nationwide TV that you are NOT divorcing Krista and Chelsea is NOT pregnant with your baby!!". Another letter read as, "How can you betray your fans!! Do NOT divorce Krista!!!"

However, the matter settled down after Ledbetter was legally punished for her inappropriate behavior.

Did Krista Neumann Remarry?

Krista has remained unmarried since her divorce from Scott. Neither has she ever opened up about her love life, nor has there been any rumors regarding her romantic involvement.

Moreover, she does not fancy revealing her personal details to the public and has maintained extreme privacy.

Scott Bakula with his wife, Chelsea Field, attaining the Sag Awards

Scott Bakula, with his wife, Chelsea Field, attaining the Sag Awards (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Scott married his long-time girlfriend, Chelsea Field, in 2009, with whom he shares two kids.

Krista Neumann's Wiki 

Born in 1949, the American actress, who stands at the height of 1.65 m, was raised in a Christian family.

Krista, age 72, is, however, not very open about her family member or any personal details, but she garnered massive public attention after her association with Scott.

Moreover, the only time she could be spotted by the media was probably on various public events that she attended with her former husband. 

As of now, the actress is entirely off public reach concealing her whereabouts.

Her Net Worth

Along with her personal life updates, the actress's net worth is also under wraps to this date. However, her ex-husband, Scott, a well-celebrated Hollywood actor, is entitled to the wealth of 16 million dollars.

Best known for Quantum Leap and Star Trek roles: Enterprise, the actor has been a part of several other major works, earning him a hefty sum.