What Happened Between Kathy Ambush and Clarence Thomas?

Mainly recognized as the former wife of American lawyer Clarence Thomas, Kathy Ambush leads an extremely low-key life.

While Clarence has constantly been appearing on media time and again, Kathy, who barely appears on any platform, has people wondering about her whereabouts. 

Kathy’s Life With Her Former Husband

Kathy and Clarence’s relationship dates back to decades ago when they were college students. Strengthening their bond, the college sweethearts got married in 1971. 

A few years later, Kathy and Clarence welcomed their son, Jamal Adeen Thomas. Like mother Kathy, Jamal also prefers a private life and stays away from public attention.

Moreover, the college sweethearts separated and finalized their divorce in 1984, when Clarence was reportedly involved in an affair with Lillian McEwen.

After the divorce, Kathy has remained out of exposure until now, while her ex-husband Clarence has constantly appeared on the media on several occasions.

Where Is Kathy Now? 

As for Kathy’s update since her divorce, she chose to live a private life, unbothered by any attention. Moreover, she entirely disappeared from the radar of media after cutting ties with Clarence. 

Clarence Thomas with his wife Virginia Lamp

Clarence Thomas with his wife Virginia Lamp (Source: the daily beast)

And so, her relationship status as of now remains under wraps. However, on the other hand, Clarence tied the knot with lobbyist Virginia Lamp in 1987 and has been together ever since. 

Who Is Clarence Thomas? 

Clarance, age 73, is a renowned American lawyer who serves the U.S. Supreme Court as an associate justice member. 

President George W. Bush nominated the reputed lawyer to take the position in the Supreme Court after Thurgood Marshall. 

As a result, Clarence became the second person of African ethnicity to serve the Court after Thurgood.

Official portrait of Clarence Thomas

Official portrait of Clarence Thomas (Source: Wikipedia)

The Yale Law School graduate, who has marked his worth as a brilliant lawyer in the country, is also known for his unique approach to oral arguments in the court hearings. 

In the court hearings, where his fellow lawyers bombard numerous questions and arguments, Clarence usually remains silent and hardly speaks any word.

He even made headlines when he spoke for the first time in a court hearing in seven years.  

Anita Hill Alleges Clarence Of Sexual Harassment 

Among several of his headline-making news, the news that has remained a highlight for the longest time is the lawyer Anita Hill's accusation alleging sexual harassment. 

Anita Hill testifying against Clarence Thomas for sexual harassment

Anita Hill testifying against Clarence Thomas for sexual harassment (Source: History)

In the televised hearing of 1991, Hill said that Clarence harassed her while he worked as her supervisor. 

After the hearing, Clarence’s wife, Virginia, dropped a voicemail on Anita’s phone asking her to apologize for her testimony. But, Anita remarked the request as inappropriate. 

However, the prolonged case was in favor of Anita, and it further drew attention regarding workplace safety for women. 

The case was even documented in the movie Confirmation, where Kerry Washington potrayed Anita, and Wendell Pierce played Clarence.