Inside CNN's Julia Chatterley's Personal & Professional Life

Inside CNN's Julia Chatterley's Personal & Professional Life

The CNN reporter Julia Chatterley is most known for hosting the CNN show 'First Move with Julia Chatterley,' where she discusses recent developments on stocks and impactful businesses. 

Known for her diligent journalism, the anchor has been in broadcasting for several years. However, despite the exposure, she has maintained a low-key personal life and has her followers curious about her private affairs. 

Julia Chatterley’s Secretive Personal Life

Well, besides her profession, Chatterley is extremely private about every detail regarding her personal matters. 

Her social media accounts, which she restricts to her work-related posts, have nothing in store for her fans regarding her love life or family. 

Given her reserved public persona, her followers are left with nothing but speculate about her husband or partner. 

Regardless of her private life, the CNN journalist is very open about her profession. She often takes to her social media with thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram to share her professional life.

Her Journey to CNN

Receiving her education from the London School of Economics and Political Science, Chatterley, probably at the age of 40s, began her career in finance, working for Morgan Stanley in 2002. 

Julia Chatterley reporting for CNN

Julia Chatterley reporting for CNN (Source: YouTube)

At the finance firm, Chatterley got the opportunity to work in the fixed income division, which gave her substantial insights and experience regarding swap trading, securitized products research, and foreign exchange sales trading.

Later, leaving Morgan Stanley in 2010, she worked for macro hedge funds for several years. 

However, in 2012, she left her career in finance and switched to broadcasting. The journalist kickstarted her career in broadcasting as an anchor at CNBC and later joined Bloomberg L.P. in 2017. 

With several years of expertise in journalism, Chatterley joined CNN as a correspondent and is best known for hosting 'First Move with Julia Chatterley.'

CNN anchor Julia Chatterley interviewing Gary Vee in First Move with Julia Chatterley

CNN anchor Julia Chatterley interviewing Gary Vee in First Move with Julia Chatterley (Source: Instagram)

Throughout her years at CNN, the New York-based anchor has proved her prominence with several of her major coverages regarding major business stories from all around the globe, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses, the US-China trade relations, and so on. 

She also emphasizes the impact of technologies on the current business sectors and discusses the influence of digital developments in the present economy. 

What Is Chatterley’s Salary?

It hasn't been too long since she joined one of the nation’s prestigious broadcasting networks, CNN, but the news anchor has already reached the height of her career with her brilliance. 

Given her expertise in her field of work, the New York resident is probably entitled to an annual salary of over 60 thousand.