Who Is Jacqueline Pelosi's Husband? A Look Into Her Family Life

Who Is Jacqueline Pelosi's Husband? A Look Into Her Family Life

Jacqueline Pelosi, famously known as the daughter of congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, leads a relatively private life, unlike her politically active mother.

Despite a low-key lifestyle, Jacqueline and her husband are known to have raised their kids into responsible adults.

Jacqueline's Happy Family of Four

Jaqueline and her husband, Michael Terence Kennely, who shared vows in 1993 at the Catholic Church of St. Helena, are parents to Liam, Sean, and Ryan, from their long-running marriage.

The pair, college sweethearts from their days at Georgetown University, have relentlessly provided their boys with a stable environment to grow up.

As a result, all three sons seem to have already paved paths for their bright future.

Jacqueline Pelosi with her husband and children

Jacqueline Pelosi with her husband and children (Source: celebsuburb)

Jacqueline's oldest son, Liam, who received his education from Georgetown University, serves United Airlines as an analyst and innovation Strategist in Illinois.

Likewise, Sean is a singer and has an equal fascination for sports. He played football while at college and later began pursuing his passion for singing and acting.

The pair's youngest, Ryan, is also inclined towards sports and was on a college football team. As for his further education, Ryan enrolled at High Point College in North Carolina for a bachelor's degree in international business.

Get To Know Her Parents

Jacqueline's parents, Nancy Pelosi and Paul Pelosi are well-known figures considered exemplary in professional aspects and their personal lives.

Nancy, the 52nd speaker of the U.S. House of representatives, and Paul, an American businessman, have been together since 1963 when they exchanged their vows.

Relishing over five decades of marriage, the power couple was each other's support from the beginning when they were just starting to excel in their respective careers while growing a family together.

Having set a prolific example to their kids, all their five children have built themselves into a successful life today.

Who Are Her Siblings?

Jacqueline grew up with her four siblings, Nancy Corinne, Christine, Paul Jr., and Alexandra.

Growing up in a household with strong parent figures, Jacqueline and her siblings have had the opportunity to build a remarkable life for themselves.

Jacqueline with her siblings

Jacqueline with her siblings (Source: celebsuburb)

The youngest of five children, Alexandra, age 50, is a brilliant journalist, writer, and documentary filmmaker, who even received an Emmy Award nomination for her journalism.

Similarly, Paul Jr. is a well-experienced business analyst and strategist, while Christine is a political strategist from California for the democratic party.

Nancy, the oldest of all, enjoys a fulfilled married life with the businessman Theodore Jeffery Prowda. However, her profession remains under wraps. 

Net Worth

Unlike her politician mother and businessman father, Jacqueline, probably in her 50s currently, chose a different career path for herself.

Jacqueline, who grew up in San Francisco, is the founder of ArtMix Studio, which she established in 2005, to create aspiring artists through her self-tailored art courses.

Meanwhile, because of the ongoing COVID pandemic, her studio has been temporarily closed since April 2021. But it's set to resume soon after the situation settles down.

However, the exact amount of her net worth or earnings is still under wraps. But her parents are known to have amassed a hefty sum from their outstanding career.

As reported by a source, Jacqueline’s parents have each amassed an impressive net worth of 120 million dollars.