Ila Kreischer Talks About Being A Daughter Of A Famous Celebrity

Ila Kreischer, daughter of well-celebrated comedian Bert Kreischer, sat down with her family to share what it's like to have a renowned father.

Ila On Having A Famous Father

"Are you embarrassed of your dad with your friends?" Ila's mother, LeeAnn, asked her teenage daughter on the podcast of July 11, 2020.

Ila, age 14, replied, "well it depends on what type of friends. Like my close friends, I don't care."

Further, Ila's sister, George, sitting at the other end of the couch, added, "It's just awkward."

Ila Kreischer talks about her father on the podcast with her family members (Source: YouTube)

George elaborated on how random people who knew her father as a comedian would approach her and talk about her father, annoyed her.

Ila's faint voice in the background hinted that she felt the same way as her sister. 

Those who are regular viewers of Bert's stand-up comedy are pretty much familiar with his funny stories centering on his family members. He is also known for portraying his family relationships in the most relatable way with the audience.

Over the years, Bert has expanded his reach to a wider audience as a comedian, and his success in the entertainment industry has surely impacted his family on some levels.

Through the podcast, Ila's mother had an honest conversation with her daughters about the impact of their father's success on their daily lives and shed light on the positive influence of their father's work.

The Family of Four

Ila is the younger daughter of comedian Bert and podcast host, LeeAnn, while George is their older one.

The proud parents often take to their socials to share glimpses of their daughters. In addition, the family frequently appears on the podcast, Wife of the Party, displaying their intact bond with each other.

Ila Kreischer with her father, mother, and sister

Ila Kreischer with her father, mother, and sister (Source: Instagram)

Besides, they often visit places together, whether for vacations or supporting Bert on his tours and award shows. 

Witnessing their tight-knitted relationship, their followers often praise them for maintaining a healthy relationship with their daughters and raising them well.

Who Is Ila Kreischer? 

Born in 2007, the 14-year-old graduated her middle school in 2020 and is now a sophomore.

As she is still at a young age, she does not have a social media presence. However, her parents frequently give updates about Ila through their social media.

Ila holding her self-created flower painting

Ila holding her self-created flower painting (Source: Instagram)

Ila and her sister are exceptionally good at their academics. Flaunting their outstanding performance at school, the proud mother shared the certificates of their excellence through her Instagram.

Besides her academic excellence, Ila seems to be passionate about painting and golf, and her mother takes every opportunity to share Ila’s incredible talent through her social handle.

Ila never ceases to make her parents proud, and judging her brilliance at such a young age, her future seems bright in whichever career path she chooses.