Who Is Dr. Debra Soh? A Look Into Her First Book And More

Who Is Dr. Debra Soh? A Look Into Her First Book And More

The Canadian science columnist, Dr. Debra Soh, is known for eloquently advocating gender science. She is very outspoken about her work and intends to shed light on gender issues in today’s context. 

However, besides her professional life, she manages to keep her personal details under shadow and has her followers wondering if she has a husband or a partner. 

Apart from her low-key personal life, Debra never hesitates to share her knowledge about gender issues. 

Debunking the myths on the gender spectrum, Debra published her first book, The End of Gender. 

Soh Talks About Her Book

Encapsulating her knowledge regarding gender science and debunking the myths circulating sex and identity, Soh published her book, The End of Gender, in 2020. 

Giving an insight on what her book explores, Soh appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast in August 2020.

She began by introducing her book as such, 

"The fact that science denial and misinformation about gender is so prominent now its actually affecting our ability to understand gender, and that's leading to the demise of our understanding of it in accurate way."

Caption- Dr. Debra Soh talking about her book on the Joe Rogan podcast

Growing up in the gay community, Soh was familiar with the mistreatment gay people received simply by their gender orientation. 

Debra has provided intriguing facts backed up with scientific perspectives to change the gender narrative and discourage homophobia in her book.

More On Debra Soh

Soh, age 30, began her journey towards changing gender stereotypes after joining York University to get a Ph.D. degree in sexual neuroscience. 

For her outstanding contribution during her graduate studies, she was honored with the Michael Smith Foreign Research Award and received the Provost Dissertation Scholarship from York University. 

After her graduation as a sex researcher, Soh transitioned from academics to journalism, writing about the science of sex and gender. 

The Dr. Debra Soh podcast

The Dr. Debra Soh podcast (Source: Instagram)

The columnist has written for several prestigious magazines such as The Globe and Mail, Playboy, The Wall Street Journal, New York magazine, and Los Angeles Times

Moreover, Soh strongly advocates against gender transition at a young age and advises the parents to wait until the children hit maturity to go through the gender transition. 

Continuing to speak up for gender science and spreading awareness regarding gender myths, Soh hosts her own podcast named The Dr. Debra Soh Podcast.