Is Davey Havok Married? Debunking His Gay Speculations

Is Davey Havok Married? Debunking His Gay Speculations

Throughout the years of his musical journey as an American singer and musician, Davey Havok has been a heartthrob to many. 

His captivating music has his fans falling for him, but the musician has been subjected to gay speculations and relationship rumors with rising fame.

The curiosity stirred up when Davey got engaged to his then-girlfriend several years ago.

Is Davey Havok Married? 

For the record, the musician is not married. However, his relationship rumors occasionally make tabloid headlines. 

Back in 2001, Davey caught public interest for his love life when he publicly announced his engagement with his then-girlfriend, Monica Parker. 

Davey Havok with his former partner, Monica Parker

Davey Havok with his former partner, Monica Parker (Source: whosdatedwho)

The two made several public appearances when they began dating in 1999. But the engagement did not make it to marriage. 

Davey and Monica broke off the engagement in 2002 before they could turn husband and wife.

Although his relationship with Monica came to public attention, he has managed to keep a low profile regarding his personal affair ever since.

Despite him trying to maintain privacy, rumor has it that he has a girlfriend named Brittany Bowen, which circulated the internet after his picture of kissing his supposed girlfriend surfaced. 

However, he has not addressed the rumor himself, nor has he opened up about having a girlfriend.

Further, his silence sparked another speculation regarding his sexuality. 

Havok's Gay Speculation

Since Havok has not openly addressed his relationship status, people began speculating him as gay or bisexual. 

The fact that he is listed among the prominent gay musicians by the Last FM also hints that the speculation might have some truth. 

Moreover, he was once linked with the internet sensation Jeffrey Star. One page even displayed a picture of them together.  

Witnessing the picture, many were intrigued to know if they were actually dating, but a fan cleared the air saying they were never together and the picture was photoshopped. 

 While his relationship remains at a halt, his professional life is excelling at its full pace.  

His Musical Journey

Davey, real name David Paden Passaro, is renowned as the lead vocalist of the rock band AFI.

The musician, who carries American-Italian heritage, was born in New York but later moved to California after his father lost his life when Davey was only three years old.

 Davey performing on stage

Davey performing on stage (Source: Instagram)

With a growing passion for music, Davey with his friends formed a band while at high school. 

As his high school, the band collapsed, and he went to Berkeley, where he enrolled in UC Berkeley with a major in English and Psychology. 

However, he did not finish his education and dropped out to invest his time and effort in music. 

Later, the singer reunited with the old band, AFI, from his high school, and released several songs together. Over the years, the band has amassed massive fan followers across the country and has expanded its reach.

With his band members, Davey is currently preparing for the 2022 band tour with their latest release.