Zack Hample Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family

Zack Hample, the famous baseball collector, might be currently single and is probably not gay.

Zack Hample Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family

Zack Hample, a YouTuber known for his gigantic baseball collection from major baseball leagues, appears to be single based on his social media presence. However, the baseball-catcher was circulated with gay speculations in the past, but that might not be true. 

Does Zack Hample Have A Girlfriend?

Hample seems pretty open about his personal life and has even made few Twitter posts in the past mentioning his girlfriend, but he never revealed her identity. Besides, it’s been quite a while now that there haven’t been such posts, suggesting the YouTuber is currently single. 

As for the gay rumor, Hample hasn’t addressed anything about his sexuality, and clearly, his posts mentioning his girlfriend should have been enough to prove the rumor wrong. 

Zack Hample mentions his girlfriend on 22 January 2017 (Photo: Zack Hample's Twitter)

What Does Zack Hample Do?

Although he is best recognized for his obsession with collecting snagged baseballs from numerous major stadiums, he has a versatile career. The baseball collector is a popular YouTuber, blogger, gamer, and author. 

Hample has always been a baseball superfan, and his love for baseball collection began from the first time he snagged a ball as a kid, and the love only grew stronger ever since. He claims to have a massive collection of over 11000 baseballs, all from North America’s major league stadiums, including the 3000th career hit of Alex Rodriguez and the first career home run of Mike Trout. 


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He has made several news headlines and been in numerous interviews talking about his experiences regarding his collection. However, over the years, Hample has been a target of criticism for his baseball snagging and was even called “baseball’s most hated fan” by The New York Post, along with several other criticisms from sportswriters.

Besides, Hample has a YouTube channel with over 536 thousand subscribers created in 2008, which largely contains his baseball snagging videos. He also explores his passion for video gaming and holds several world records on some classic video games such as Breakout, Arkanoid, etc. 

Explaining all his tips and tricks on baseball snagging, Hample has published three books so far, How To Snag Major League Baseballs, Watching Baseball Smarter, and The Baseball.   

Short Bio: Age, Family, Net Worth

The 43-year-old was born on September 14, 1977, in New York and is the son of Stoo Hample. A children’s book author and cartoonist. The baseball fanatic has been passionate about the game from a very young age, and his father once referred to his first-ever baseball snag as “a baby shark tasting blood for the first time.” Well, his father could not have been any wrong. 

Famous for his 11,000 baseball collection to date, the YouTuber has appeared in several talk shows and interviews including, Conan and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Based on his versatile career and tremendous fame, Hample most probably is entitled to a net worth in seven figures, but the actual amount is yet unrevealed.