What Is FaZe Rug's Age? Girlfriend, Gay, Dating, Height

By Staff Writer | Updated On: 13 Sep, 2018
What Is FaZe Rug's Age? Girlfriend, Gay, Dating, Height

Quick Information

Date of Birth November 19, 1996 Age 24 Years 8 Month(s)
Nationality American Profession YouTuber
Marital Status Single Girlfriend/Dating Molly Eskam (Split)
Gay/Lesbain No Ethnicity Mixed
Net Worth N/A Height 5' 6" (1.75 m)
Siblings Brandon Awadis (Brother) Parents Ron Awadis (Father) Sana Awadis (Mother)

YouTube is seen as one of the biggest platforms for everyone these days, but not all have the passion for it. American YouTuber FaZe Rug has also pursued a career in YouTube with may prank videos and other gaming stuffs that he posts which have made him quite famous.

FaZe is known to post contents regarding games like Call of Duty, real-life pranks, and vlogging. He is able to amass a lot of views from his prank videos rather than his gaming videos. His video titled Cocaine Prank has over 8.9 views.

FaZe Rug's Short Bio

The real name of FaZe Rug is Brian Awadis and he was born in the year 1996 with a relatively short height of four feet and eleven inches.

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He celebrates his birthday on 19 November. On a recent note, on his 21st birthday, his whole family surprised him with a birthday party, and luckily he was able to vlog it and upload to his YouTube channel.

Although Brian has not revealed the names of his mother or father, he calls them as Papa Rug and Mama Rug. The fact that his parents are from Iran makes him an Asian-American ethnicity. He was raised along with his brother Brandon.

FaZe holds a special bond with his mom. His love for Mama rug can be speculated from his social media. On 23 October 2017, FaZe gifted his mom a car that he had been dreaming of since his childhood. The 22-year old also shared a picture with his mom on Instagram. 

Moreover, he even bought a house for his family in March 2017. 

FaZe Rug gifts his mom a beautiful car on 23 October 2017 (Photo: FaZe Rug's Instagram)

Even though Brian attended college, he eventually dropped out of it as he wanted to pursue his career in YouTube. Brian, on a post on Instagram, states that a lot of people looked down on him and suggested him to be more severe on his studies or pursue something fruitful. He denied all the negativity, followed his heart and is now where he dreamt of being.

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At first, he started making videos of him pranking other people and got quick attention from his viewers. Shortly after this, he started making more and more prank videos and later added Call of Duty gameplay and vlogging to his channel, but to his astonishment, people wanted to see him prank other rather than his vlogs. So he decided to drop the college and make videos. His prank videos are so realistic and take a lot of time and skill to create them as well.  

FaZe not only take risks while being a gamer, but he is an adventurer in real life as well. Well, the social-media sensation has recently fone skydiving in September 2018.

According to on 10 September 2018, FaZe did the skydiving especially for his celebration on 10 million subscribers on YouTube. But sadly, FaZe lost his consciousness multiple times. But as he had an instructor with him, he was in safe hands.  

FaZe even shared a video of his experience of the adventure on his Instagram on 8 September 2018.

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And now, who would have thought that a kid with a dream can make such huge money just at the age of 21. Brian’s parents are surely proud of him and usually features them in his videos, According to some wiki sources, he owns a customized Range Rover and a Lamborghini along with a spectacular house villa. With his successful career, he has accumulated a net worth of over $1 million.

FaZe Rug's Confusing Relationship Status

Relationship status of Brian is very confusing as he is always seen together with Molly Eksham, who is also a big-time YouTuber. This state of confusion made his fans question his relationship to which Brian uploaded a video on YouTube. In the video, Brian explains that he does not know where his relationship is going and even though the fact that he has feelings for her, he does not call her girlfriend.

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He even flaunts Molly on his social media timely. On 14 August 2018, FaZe shared a picture with the hot YouTuber, Molly wearing his merchandise.

FaZe Rug poses with his girlfriend Molly on 14 August 2018 (Photo: FaZe Rug's Instagram)

Brian had a past girlfriend named Kaelyn with whom his brother Brandon had filmed them kissing and later released the video on 30 August 2016, when he was dating a girl named Jenny.

To this, his fans were very shocked about what was happening in his relationships. Following this event, he was called out to be a gay but this rumor can't be true as he is in love with Molly as of now.