Tracy McMillan Husband, Ethnicity, Family

Tracy McMillan’s life story is almost an open book...came along the husband no.2, as well as a baby...married life details and ethnicity she embraced from them...spilled everything she ever learned about unfolds her age and net worth...forever celebrated for all great forte of hers...her written piece went viral...

Tracy McMillan Husband, Ethnicity, Family

Quick Information

Tracy McMillan has done it all- from leading rather a dramatic childhood to making the most out of her adulthood! 

The relationship expert, television personality, and writer has written every glorious detail of her life in her memoir entitled, I Love You and I’m Leaving You Anyway. 

She was forever celebrated for all great forte of hers; however, it was the 2011’s blog post, Why You’re Not Married, that gained her the utmost prominence.

The written piece went viral and stood the most-viewed article on Huffington Post for two long years. And, as of March of 2016, it was the top 5 most viewed articles in the history of the website. 

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Inside her deep, funny conversation about life and love, Tracy claims to have spilled everything she ever learned about relationships. 

The expertise in dating and romance indeed has a lot more to say about the subject, and she gets paid to share the very experience of hers, which is in itself astounding.

But then she never unbuttoned what net worth she made of her journey so far. 

Tracy McMillan’s Bio: Age, Ethnicity

Tracy’s life story is almost an open book. Even the darkest, most days of her childhood, she now speaks with such courage.

All she wants is her audience to get inspired by her survival story and not feel they the alone in it.

By the time Tracy was only three, she saw her father go to jail. Her dad missed Tracy's whole childhood as he was in prison.

And the saddest part of all was her mother put her in foster care, which left her alone in the world, and she was undoubtedly affected by that to a deeper extent.

Luckily though, she got to spend time with the loving family of a Lutheran minister in the Midwest.

They saved me,”- said the Ready For Love matchmaker, her eyes literally welling up during an interview.

Furthermore, Tracy, age 55, who embraced a beautiful looking mixed ethnicity from her parents, lived the remaining of her childhood with her father’s girlfriend as she also attended a school in Minneapolis.

It was the books in the library, and the TV shows that presented the inspiring stories of ‘70s career women that kept her going. 

Who Is Tracy McMillan's Husband?

Married and divorced three times, Tracy is definately the one to talk to when in need of dating life crisis.

Amidst her efforts to find the stability that she lacked growing up, she, for the first time, committed herself in a marriage to an older man.

The then-19-year-old soon enough realized that she was not meant for the life of a corporate wife. And, thus she went to pursue a career writing for NBC Nightly News.

She then reached the phase in her life- when she had a great job, great outfits to flaunt, and almost everything, but still something was missing.

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Then came along the husband no.2, as well as a baby. It was only later when Tracy revealed that she was married to Jim, the father of her son- Joseph, “briefly until 1999”.

Even though the things did not work out between them, the estranged couple sure has been the best parenting buddies all the while.

And, obviously, Tracy can not stop gushing how good of a father Jim actually was-

What can I say about Jim? His fathering has been everything I could have wanted for my son. I mean, Jim was a lunch-making, carpool-driving, sleepover-hosting, fifty-fifty custody, laundry-doing dad. There could be no better partner in the parenting project! And as a result, our son Joseph is a kind, loving, centered human being who will himself be a awesome father some day. I may not have had the dad I needed growing up, but my son did — and in the process, something in me was healed, too.

And, while in recent times, Tracy raised the toast to her son's 22nd birthday, who also lately graduated.

Tracy McMillan attending her son, Joseph's graduation day on 12 May 2019 (Photo: Tracy McMillan's Instagram)

Her married status as for now, though, stays under the wraps.

Last we know, she was married to her third hubby, who cheated on her.

Nevertheless, it was the emotional blow that led to her healing. It was the tough period, and her affluent, white, and Harvard spouse that finally set her free!