Toni Costa WIki Age, Net Worth, Wife, Kids

By Staff Writer | On: 25 Jun, 2019
Toni Costa WIki Age, Net Worth, Wife, Kids

Quick Information

Date of Birth N/A
Nationality Spanish
Profession Dancer
Marital Status Single
Girlfriend/Dating Adamari Lopez (Fiancee)
Ethnicity N/A
Net Worth N/A
Height 5 Feet

Some love stories start with a kiss, and so did the love story of Toni Costa and Adamari Lopez. The couple met in 2011 in the contest, Mira Quien Baila, where the couple teamed up. 

At the time, Toni was of age 25 and Adamari was of age 40. Despite the age gap, both became good friends, and slowly, their feelings started to grow, taking their relationship from friendship to something more intimate. 

In one of the GALAS, the couple danced to a sensual rhythm with good chemistry that couldn’t be denied by anyone who witnessed it. But, a kiss at the end of the dance created sparks between them, which led to the beginning of their love life. 

Being in a committed relationship, both Toni and Adamari desired to become parents, so the couple went through several treatments, but none of it worked.

In March 2005, Adamari announced she was getting treatment for 1st stage of breast cancer. The treatment and her age created problems in her ability to give birth. This emotionally affected them a lot, and they started to take their frustration out on every small thing.

Later, they decided to forget about the subject of kids for a while and focus on their relationship.

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And when they least expected it, Adamari got pregnant and gave birth to their beautiful daughter, Alaia.

Toni Costa with future wife Adamari Lopez and daughter Alaia on 21 April 2019 (Photo: Toni Costa's Instagram)

As they yearned to be parents for a long time, the couple is relishing their life to the fullest with their daughter Alaia since the day she came to their lives.

Takes A Step To Become Husband To His Wife

After celebrating Adamari’s 43rd birthday in advance with her classmates on the set of A New Day (Telemundo) in Miami in 2014, Toni took a flight to the Dominican Republic. But it wasn’t only to celebrate her birthday but to give her a huge surprise.

Toni surprised Adamari by proposing to her with a ring. Adamari wasted no time to say yes to the proposal, and they got engaged on 16 May 2014 in Punta Cana.

The couple is not married yet, but they plan to take their vows as a husband and wife very soon. The ceremony might be surrounded by friends and family where their daughter will probably have a special role to play.

Before being in a relationship with Toni Costa, Adamari was married to Luis Fonsi. They shared their vows on 3 June 2006. But after discovering that Luis was unfaithful, Adamari decided to divorce with Luis and the divorce was only finalized after one year.

Also, before captivating the heart of his future wife, Adamari and being in a committed relationship with her, Toni dated the Andalusian model and presenter, Nani Gaitan for a year and a half.

Toni Costa's Wiki

Toni Costa is devoted to his family and spends good quality time with his future wife, Adamari and daughter Alaia. He manages to create a balance between his professional and personal life. 

And as family-oriented as he is, Toni is not only celebrating his family life but also enjoying his passion for dance. As of now, he provides group and private classes for children and adults to teach them Latin Ballroom dance. 

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Toni Costa is a charming dance choreographer. He has terrific dancing skills that make ladies go head over heels for him. With his sizzling hot dance moves, the choreographer manages to grab the attention of his viewers. 

Net Worth

The famous choreographer is open about his personal and professional life, but there are still some pieces of information yet to be revealed to the public. 

Any details about his net worth are not available although he must earn a decent amount. However, his future wife Adamari has a net worth of $5 million as per

With the height of 5 feet (1.52 meters), Adamari is an American novelist and an actress best known for her roles in several Puerto Rican and Mexican soap operas.