Spencer Rascoff Net Worth, Bio, Family, Wife

Spencer Rascoff established the website in 1999...multiple-millions of net worth...base salary of...purchased a luxurious house for...bio unwraps his age...completed his education from Harvard University...journey thus far his career...happily married to his wife...boasts a family of five...feels highly about his working wife...podcast with son on “Dad I have a question”...

Spencer Rascoff Net Worth, Bio, Family, Wife

Spencer Rascoff is a name often mentioned in the world of technology and the real estate business.

He co-founded two business plans, never realizing that the projects would someday be such colossal household names.

Spencer, age 43, who received his formal education, a B.A. in Government and Economics from Harvard University, serves as one of the board members of Zillow Group, a media website located in Seattle.

At the same time, he is a former co-founder of a travel website called, Hotwire.com, offering airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, and vacation packages.

The journey never seems to have been an easier one thus far in his career. 

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However, having endured all those hardships and sleepless nights sure has been worthwhile for Spencer in the long run.

Spencer Rascoff’s Net Worth

The Hotwire.com that Spencer established during the year of 1999 was sold later in 2003 for $685 million.

Such humongous transaction is not news when it comes to the globally renowned entrepreneur.

One of the board of directors of TripAdvisor and Hutch, Spencer grabbed a $7.9 million for the year 2017, as per regulatory filings, not to mention a base salary of $717K. Likewise, he reportedly amassed a much heftier fortune in the past years.

For now, the exact sum laying on his net worth is not pinpointed. But then one can always make a few assumptions from all that is known so far.

Amidst 2016, Spencer even made a headline in the media outlets for having purchased a luxurious mansion in the elite Brentwood section of Los Angeles; he paid a proper $20 million for the property.

Spencer Rascoff Married To Wife

Now that people know the worth behind his beautiful house, it is evident that his admirers would like to know more about his private affairs with the beloved ones in his life who gets to enjoy the lavish life he has to offer.

Going through his social media pages is all it takes to know that Spencer is happily married to his wife, a medicine practicing doctor.

Spencer, in a few of his tweets, has often expressed how highly he feels of his working wife, Nanci E. Rascoff.

Together, the Rascoff parents flaunt three beautiful children from their years-lived marriage, eldest daughter Sophia Rascoff, followed by a son, Luke Rascoff, and the youngest daughter.

A few years and all the juniors in the family would be stepping into their teenage.

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It appears that Spencer wants to rub some of his technology geekiness into his progenies as well. Or maybe they are naturally oriented in the path observing their beloved patriarch.

Spencer Rascoff shares his tweaks on technologies with his son, Luke Rascoff, during coding classes and tech activities event organized by Zillow at the Zillow Tower on 13 November 2018 (Photo: Spencer Rascoff's Instagram)

Spencer and his son can be heard talking about the economy, technology, and science in their podcast, “Dad I have a question.”