Snowbird Brown Teeth, Now, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Snowbird Brown remains single as of now and hasn't got her teeth fixed yet.

Snowbird Brown Teeth, Now, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Quick Information

Amora Brown, a.k.a. Snowbird Brown, who soared to popularity after appearing on an American reality docu-series Alaskan Bush People, has many viewers interested in her personal life.

But, her reserved nature and absence from social media platforms definitely make it harder for her fans to learn more about her. 

Does She Have A Boyfriend?

Those who are have watched the Alaskan Bush People are surely familiar with Snowbird’s adoring nature and how she loves animals more than people, as she said in the show.

And, in one of the episodes, she threw a fancy feast to her dozens of cats she raised, saying they deserved the good meal. But, her sister Rain had a different take on this matter and said, “Bird needs something else to occupy her time...maybe if she had a boyfriend, it would help.”

Having been through a lot the past year, losing their home to wildfire and recently losing their father to seizure, Snowbird certainly doesn’t have plenty of time to think about a romantic relationship for now. But, even if she finds a partner, the news will surely surface.   

Did Snowbird Brown Fix Her Teeth?

Throughout the series, Snowbird’s adorable not-so-perfect smile hasn’t gone unnoticed for sure, and many fans are even curious if she fixed her uneven teeth by now.

But, the tough Brown hasn’t yet got it fixed and still flaunts her imperfectly perfect set of teeth in the show.  Also, there hasn’t been any concern in the family about getting her cosmetic dental work, so we might still see her in her slightly distorted teeth; however, she looks fine with that slightly crooked smile too. 

How Much Does Brown Make From Alaskan Bush People?

Although Brown doesn’t fancy being public through social media platforms, she has appeared in all twelve seasons of the Discovery Channel series Alaskan Bush People, which showcased the Brown family’s life in the wilderness, disconnected from the fast-track modern society.

The series, considered one of the top-rated shows in Discovery, is reportedly said to have a net worth of 60 million dollars. And, each member of the family gets paid ranging from 40 thousand to 60 thousand dollars per paycheck. 

However, unfortunately, the father of the Brown family, Billy Brown, lost his life to a sudden seizure recently in February 2021, to which Discovery Channel responded by paying tribute to his legacy through a special episode in the show.